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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Carrrrrific Birthday

Terryn got invited to a birthday that was today. For the last few days I've been telling him about Cooper's birthday. He was really excited about it. The party's theme was race cars.
We entered through their gate and saw this pretty spectacular contraption in their driveway. Along side it was a "road". We got to find out what all this was for about 30 minutes later.
In the meantime, Terryn had fun playing with all his friends from school. He road on bikes, jumped on the trampoline, ate some food and played on their jungle gym. Then the kiddos put on their swim suits.
The fancy contraption was a car wash.
The kids would ride their bikes through the car wash and get wet by the streams of water, the sponges or the fabric. 
 I think the kid car wash was just about THE COOLEST PARTY IDEA EVER!!!!
 The kids kept going around and around and around in it. They had so much fun.
Some of the kids had some problems turning and they'd knock loose one of the pipes. Some of the parents worked "pipe duty" where they kept connecting the pipes as they'd come apart. It kept them on their toes.
At some point Sean took one of the sponges and started scrubbing Terryn with it. Terryn thought this was great and it started a trend with the other kids.
 It was hilarious to watch the kids scrubbing themselves through the car wash.
 The kids played in the water for a long time.
 Then it was snack time and time for cup cakes.
 Everybody sang happy birthday to Cooper who was turning 3.
 Then Cooper, or rather his sisters, blew out the candles.
 Terryn enjoyed licking the icing off his cupcake.
We really had a great time at Cooper's party. I was really sad that I didn't get to know Cooper's parents earlier. I really liked meeting Kelly, his mom. She was awesome. I could have seen us being good friends. Sigh... I will miss it here.
Kelly gave all the kids a parting gift. There were a few car toys inside and then an awesome custom T-shirt. Seriously?! How rockin' is that?!!! I think this was probably one of the best kid's parties I have ever been to.... EVER! Don't be mad Kelly if I steal your idea for some future get-together.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Terryn's Birthday Party

We decided to have Terryn's birthday party in the States before we left to go back to Vietnam. The best option for us was to have it at McDonalds. It was reasonaly priced and included the play room, happy meals, cake, ice cream and goody bags for all the kiddos.
Sean was showing some of the kiddos his pirate hat. The kids were giggling, laughing and having a good time.
I think all the kids liked eating their chicken nuggets. Terryn also like changing the number on the birthday chair. Apparently he's 5 now.
Jayce was pretty good the whole time. It was nice having it at McDonalds because the kids could eat and then go play while the adults could talk to each other.
Ella was really excited to have Terryn open her present. She's so cute.
Then it was cake and ice cream time. We have three candles and Terryn went to blow them out while we sang the "Happy Birthday Song."
Sean told me later that Gavin was the one who actually blew out the candles, but I don't think Terryn cared. Hahahahaha...
Alex had tons of fun playing on the toys.
I was so glad that Dean and Michelle could come. It was their 6 year anniversary, so we felt special that they made it out to the party.
The kids had lots of fun playing on the big toy. They kept chasing each other around and around.
The twins kept giggling and welcoming everyone who went down the slide.
Thanks for everyone who came. Even though it was a little chaotic, I think the kids all had a blast. Happy Birthday Terryn!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Filip's Party

On Saturday we went to a birthday party for Filip. It was at a place called Noah's Club that has a bunch of places for kid's to play. It's kind of like a daycare center where the kid's can run around playing with whatever toys they want. Wioletta had tons of food there. It was nice to meet some new people and to socialize with people we already knew.
This picture is from when we first arrived. You can tell how ecstatic Terryn was to get a balloon.
And here's a picture of Wioletta looking all cute and me looking all preggers and sweaty.
Terryn had fun. He's kind of a loner though. He's usually off somewhere playing with toys by himself. 
He liked the buffet style food though. He kept going up to the table and helping himself to food and juice.
Sean's going to kill me for putting this picture up, but it makes me crack up. I think Sean is scratching his nose, but it kinda looks like he's picking his nose. I love Juan's expression... it looks like he's going, "Eww. Sean, what are you doing?"
Then the classic, candid I-caught-you-on-camera-eating picture.
When I know someone is taking a picture I always try to smile. I hate pictures of me eating or talking because I look ridiculous. At least in this pic you can see my big belly.

At the party they had this awesome balloon guy. He had a book of different things you could choose from. The balloons were quite amazing.
This cartoon character that I see everywhere here.
Pink Panther.
Andrea with her Hello Kitty and the Balloon Guy.
Terryn ended up getting a Winnie the Pooh. He thought that was pretty cool.
He took it outside and took it for a little ride.
Daddy helped a little.
Then it started to sprinkle so it was back inside.
Nathan ended up getting a super cute Tigger to match his shirt.
One of my favorite moments was when it was time to do the cake. Filip was turning one and he has an older brother Nathan that's the same age as Terryn. We all sang Happy Birthday and then Nathan blew out the candles. Hahahahaha. So then Tomek (the Dad) lit the candles again so Filip could blow them out. Nathan started singing Happy Birthday again. It was super cute.
Here's Nathan blowing out the candles.
The party pretty much tired Terryn out. He fell asleep in the car on the way home, which isn't usually a big deal, but he woke up when Sean tried to pull him out. Then he wouldn't go back to sleep. Oh well... he actually wasn't too whiny or horrible the rest of the night so that was good. I think Terryn really enjoyed the party.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Birthday

All day it really didn't seem like my birthday. I don't know why. I kept blaming the time zone. Then my email inbox flooded with Facebook "Happy Birthday" messages from my friends. That made me laugh.

On my birthday, Terryn was at school and Chelsey and I did our thing in the city. Funny, I ended up buying Sean a ton of T-shirts (much needed) and a few things for people back home. I managed to not really buy myself anything. Then we went to Subway for lunch.

Chelsey laughed at me because I got a foot long and my intention was to save the second half for later. I joked to her as I was finishing the last couple bites of the whole foot long, "Well... there goes my snack." We had a good time though.

When Sean got home from work he had Terryn surprise me with roses. It was cute. Sean set up babysitting for Terryn and we went to Au Lac Do Brasil for dinner. It's a great Brazilian-style restaurant where they come to your table and dish out different meats and sides. You basically eat TONS of meat and it is SO good. Sean was being extremely friendly to everyone and that was entertaining in itself. Then we finished the meal off with their fabulous passion fruit mousse. It was so good. The Executive Chef was making his rounds and we told him how much we liked it. He smiled and said, "It's easy to make." Then he gave us the recipe. What a nice guy!

There wasn't much fuss for my birthday, but that's okay with me. Sean had already given me my present last month with two vouchers for massages... which I already used. They were great. All in all it was a pretty good birthday.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Andrea's Birthday Party

On Saturday Terryn and I were invited to Andrea's Birthday Party. It was out in District 9 in the Lakeview Villas. There was lots of food laid out on the tables and Terryn honed right into the plate full of cookies. I honestly don't know how many of them he ate but it was at least 6. He kept coming back to the plate and taking more. He also liked taking the round centers off the flower decorations and eating them (naughty boy).
I caught a few pictures of him stuffing his face full of cookie.
Most of the party I spent chasing after Terryn. The party was in the clubhouse, but it's right next to the pool and so I had to be careful that he didn't make a break for the water and jump in. I was exhausted. I may not be showing a whole lot for being 6 months pregnant, but I sure feel it! I was tired! Plus it was hot. Not a good combo when you're running after your two year old who has suddenly become faster than you.
Juan had made a Dora piñata for Andrea's party. Everyone got a whack at it. Juan made it a little too sturdy and everyone was having trouble making a serious dent in it. Terryn's attention span lasts about 2 seconds and so he wasn't interested in waiting in line to hit the piñata. After he saw everyone else do it, he started wanting to have a turn to Ezra let him go in front of him.
Terryn mostly poked it with the stick, but he did manage to finally take a few good whacks at it.
I think it made him happy that he actually got a turn.
After Terryn went, Ezra got his turn, but they made him go blindfolded. It was pretty funny to watch.
Juan kept hitting him with the piñata and then when Ezra would take a swing at it, it was already out of reach. The kids all got about 2 turns because the thing would not break. I think he finally had the bigger guys hit it without blindfold and it finally came down.
Terryn didn't really understand that you were supposed to pick up the candy that fell out. We had to encourage him a little at first, but then he got the hang of it.
Even the Parks were at the party. Little Jackson is so cute. He was crawling around inside for awhile. I can't believe how big he is now!
Sibylle could see how tired I was getting and so she offered the services of her kids to take Terryn swimming. That was a FABULOUS idea. Everybody at the party was starting to turn their attention to the pool anyway. I had planned on us swimming so I had his stuff with me. Terryn had fun playing with Emilio in the pool.
I was grateful for the break and could rest for a bit. Seriously, Terryn literally RAN around for the first part of the party. It was great to be able to take Terryn home worn out. He slept well that night despite how much sugar he ate and I think he had fun.