Friday, July 20, 2012

New Posts Coming Soon

Sorry for the hiatus in blogging. It's been difficult since we've moved into the new house because our internet isn't really working. Once I get my pictures uploaded and I finally have interent access, I have lots of stuff to post.

We visited Palmayra, New York and we saw lots of sights there that I'll share. We also stopped by and saw Sean's cousin. We also went to a wedding a couple weeks ago that I need to blog about as well...

So there will be new post coming up soon.

Quick update on us. We're completely moved into the house, but still waiting for stuff from Vietnam to arrive. Our container was flagged for X-ray inspection, just randomly picked. That means it'll delay when we'll get our stuff, cost us an extra $500 and if it's flagged again for a more in depth inspection... we'll end up spending probably over $1000 just to get it back. So I am very not happy about that. Because it is customs we have no choice in the matter either. There's also a lot of stuff I can't put away because I'm waiting for the stuff from Vietnam to arrive. It's annoying.

The boys are both sick. Terryn's asthma is acting up and we had to take him to the doctor. After an irratating period of multiple phone calls, we finally got our health insurance squared away. There was some sort of mix up and we weren't in the system. Sean literally spent about 3 hours trying to get it figured out. Terryn got perscribed some albuteral and  we hooked him up to a nebulizer. He seems to be doing a little better now.

Jayce has been pretty cute lately when he hears music. He loves to dance. Anytime he hears music he'll start dancing. Most of the time that involves bouncing up and down, but sometimes he waves his hands, wiggles his butt or bobs his head. It's so funny. I love him so much.

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