Saturday, June 16, 2012

Leaving Washington

We had planned to leave my parent's house at around 4:30, but somehow I knew we wouldn't make it. We were about an hour late in leaving. I had stayed up late the night before packing up the car. We were pretty stuffed in our little Prius.

My parents were up to see us off. We'd been having some trouble with our car not starting. When we went to start the car it wouldn't start at first. I'm sure my parents were thinking, "I hope they make it to New Jersey." Eventually our car started and we were off, but not before the bottom of our car totally scraped the edge of my parents' driveway. Again I'm sure my parents were nervous that we wouldn't make it.

The kids were asleep as we took off and stayed sleeping for the first couple hours. We had arranged them both near a door and had a suitcase in between them. When Terryn woke up he was really upset. "I cannot see Baby Base!" he kept saying. It really upset him.

Our first stop was in Spokane. We saw our friends Ryan, Heidi and Andrew (who was visiting). We met up at Riverfront Park. 
It gave Terryn a chance to burn some energy. He slide down the giant Red Flyer slide a bunch of times.
 Then he climbed up on the blocks.
 I chased him around the river side for a little bit and the we looked at the ducks and geese.
 We spotted a little gosling and Terryn thought it was cute.
 We only visited for about 45 minutes, but I made sure we took a picture of us all.
Then it was off to St. Marie's, Idaho where we were going to visiting my aunt Linda. We arrived at about 1:00 and she had lunch ready for us. I'd never been to her house before so this was a real treat for me.

Her husband, Lars, is in the fur trade and so he has a big shop where he stores and prepared the furs. Linda let us take a peek at it. It was pretty awesome.
I let Jayce touch the moosehead and he thought that was kind of interesting.
Terryn didn't know what to think of the bear skins. I tried to get him to show me his bear growl.
We only went to where the furs are stored and Lars' office. We got to see a bunch of different skins. We decided that the shaved beaver pelt was just about the softest things ever. I think Sean was contemplating getting is made into a pair of underwear. Hahahaha... Just kidding... Sort of.
Then we got to see my aunt's studio. She is an artist. She sculpts, paints, makes jewelry, sketches... and dabbles in a lot of different art mediums. We got to see some of her work. I've always loved being in her studio. When I was little she would let me and my brother make clay figures and things and then she'd fire them for us, glaze them and send them to us. My mom still has a bunch of the pieces we made.

My aunt also had this really sweet dog named Kody. She got her at an animal shelter where in her previous home she had been abused and was really scared of everybody. My aunt worked with her a lot and she's just the sweetest dog. Terryn really liked her.
After we saw the shops we went back inside and got ready to go. Terryn disappeared for a short time and when I found him he was hiding in my aunt's bed. It was hilarious.

At my aunt's house, we rearranged the car so Terryn and Jayce were sitting next to each other. That made Terryn a lot happier and now they both could entertain each other. Every once in awhile we'd hear both kids cracking up. It was so cute.

We drove for a long time. We tried to figure out why they called Montana the Big Sky state as we drove. We were trying to make it to Billings, but we pretty much knew we weren't going to make it. We ended up staying in Missoula, Montana. Sean ended up being able to use his hotel points and we stayed in a Hampton Inn for free. So that was nice. It was a nice hotel and had everything we needed.

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