Thursday, June 21, 2012

Final Stop: Hoboken

We had a leisurely morning. We took our time getting out, but left about he same time Geaorge did. The drive went off without a hitch, but we were shocked at how much it cost us to use the toll road. At one point we had to stop at a store to get some cash because we didn't have enough for future tolls.

As we were nearing Hoboken, we saw the skyline of New York City. I saw the Statue of Libery in the distance too. It was a little mind-blowing to think that we'd be living here. We finally arrived at our residence for the next month and it was... nice. It was right by the Hudson river with a spectacular view of NYC.

Sean had been talking to his friend Sterling who was going to be in town. He had to drop his parents off at the airport in JFK so he was going to stop by and say hi. We had parked our car in front of the lobby and Sean was unloading our stuff onto a cart and hauling it up to our room. I was sitting in the car waiting for him when some guy opened the car door and sat in the passenger seat. I was about to start freaking out when I realized it was Sterling. Hahaha.
Once we had all our stuff loaded into our apartment and the car was parked, we got to relax for a bit. Sterling hung out with us for a bit.

After he left I guess he walked around the building to check things out. He kept messaging us about how there were great parks nearby. He said we were going to have a great view of the fireworks for the fourth. Can you say, AWESOME!
We told him that he had to bring his family over here for the fourth. We would have a blast. We later found out there is a playground on the fourth floor out on a terrace with the perfect view of the pier where they are going to have the fireworks. It will be perfect. Hopefully it'll be open and not too crowded.

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