Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Vacation Ends

Well, we weren't in a mad rush in the morning we left Phuket... surprisingly. We had already packed the night before and had everything more or less in order. We had found a taxi to come get us and he was supposed to be at our hotel at 7:30.

We were ready pretty much on time and then headed off to the airport. Things got a little complicated from here on out. Somehow I had misplaced our ticket information. Normally this wouldn't be a huge deal, but since we had a connecting flight in Bangkok that was on a different airlines that I had booked on my own separately... this could have the potential of making us miss our connecting flight.

It took us forever to check in because we didn't have the information we needed. Sean had to find our ticket info on his laptop. We finally got everything arranged and then we headed toward our gate. It was weird because this was a domestic flight. They had everyone going to a final international destination do their security check through the international terminal and then everyone just going to Bangkok did theirs through the domestic terminal. The international people then walked down a long separated hallway back towards the domestic terminal to board the aircraft.

While waiting to board, the power went out in the airport. Well... it sort of half went out. Most of the lights turned off, but the security check station and the departure TVs stayed on. Weird.

The flight went quickly. Sean got the window seat this time so he could see the beautiful beaches of Phuket fade with the rising altitude. We arrived in Bangkok about an hour and a half later.

In Phuket, Bangkok Airways said that they would check our baggage all the way through to Ho Chi Minh City. I kept my fingers crossed, but I wasn't going to hold me breath on that one. Our lay over was only supposed to be an hour and a half, but our first flight had been delayed by about 20 minutes.

The staff for Bangkok Airways in Bangkok led us through security in Bangkok and took us all the way to our terminal for our next flight with Qatar Airlines. We NEVER would have found this on our own. They had us go through some additional security in a weird location. The airport in Bangkok is not a small one either.

We waited for a short time at our gate and then it was off to our final destination. We were kind of excited to fly on Qatar Airlines. They are supposed to be really nice.... and we weren't disappointed. Each seat had it's own TV where you could choose what you wanted to watch. They served everyone a decent little snack and they gave Terryn a Sponge Bob backpack with all sorts of goodies in it.

We arrived in Ho Chi Minh City and thought everything was peachy keen. Terryn ran off once and I was about ready to strangle him. I was tired and sick of dealing with him taking off and me not being able to chase after him quick enough. When we got to immigration we had another issue. They weren't going to let Jayce back into the country. Terryn, Sean and I all have residence cards so we were all fine, but Jayce was in the country on a tourist visa. It had an expiration of June 1st. We kept asking why Jayce couldn't go in and the guy kept saying, "Canceled." That was not very helpful so I had to wait in the special visa line.

We finally realized that for some idiotic reason Jayce had a single entry visa and when it was extended, it was not changed to a multi-entry visa. Once we left the country his visa was invalid. Argggg. Somehow Sean talked a guy into letting him grab our luggage while we waited to sort out the issue.  Then he managed to talk another guy into letting us buy another visa. So after 2 hours of being at the airport we were able to exit immigration.

By this time there was a huge lightning storm going on outside and we were hungry. So we decided to get some Burger King. I think it may be one of the only Burger Kings in the whole country and it's at the airport. Hahahaha... we're ridiculous, I know. The stupid thing was I didn't know where it was. Sean was pushing the luggage cart and I had the stroller. We couldn't all fit int eh elevator so Sean went first and I was going to take the escalator. Unfortunately Sean only told me vaguely where it was with his assurance, "You see it. Trust me." Uhhhhh.... right. I got so lost. I went up and down multiple times and there were three floors that had food on them. Arggg. The other thing was that Sean never gave me back my SIM card for my phone so I couldn't call him. After like 20 minutes I finally found it and by this time I was in a REALLY bad mood. I did NOT need that in addition to the visa mess.

So hours and hours after we landed, after getting hassled by immigration, going through customs, getting lost from Sean, eating dinner, gabbing a taxi and riding through traffic... we finally made it home. Everything there was still in order. Nothing appeared to be stolen, our khoi fish were still alive, and now we could get ready and go to bed.

We had a great vacation, but now it was time to relax and get back on a routine. Can I maybe go on a vacation to recover from my vacation?

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