Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thaibodia Day 4- Royal Palace, Central Market & Driving to Siem Reap

Today Sean actually had time to spend with us. We didn't have any sort of schedule we had to keep so we tried to sleep in. The key word being “tried”. The kids woke up per their usual 6:00am schedule. Sigh.

After breakfast we decided to take a tuk-tuk to the Royal Palace. There we hired a guide and he took us around to the different building around the grounds. The Royal Palace is still home to the king. There are sections of the grounds that are restricted because they are reserved for the king and his staff. The buildings were really beautiful. The crown room had thrones made of gold, tapestries and lovely carpets. There are buildings that used to be elephants docks where people would board elephants.

There were some of those lovely trees with the long trailing yellow flowers. I love these trees. We have one in front of our house.
This seven headed snake is called the Naga. It is seen everywhere and many of the rooftops are adorned with them. The peak of the roof is the tail of the naga and the eave that ends in what looks like flames are actually the heads of the naga.

This is the gate that leads to the Silver Pagoda. I thought it was pretty awesome looking.
On adjacent grounds to the Royal Palace was the Silver Pagoda. It’s called the Silver Pagoda because its floor is made of silver tiles that weigh about 1 kg each. 

This mural wraps around the wall to the pagoda and depicts the life of Buddha.

Inside the pagoda are hundreds of little statues made of gold, silver or precious jewels. There was a very large Buddha statue that was made of gold and had numerous diamonds inset on the head, palms and chest. Some of them were like 25 carats. They were huge.
After the pagoda we took a bit of a break. It is so stinkin’ hot here. We passed by this really weird tree that had huge red blossoms that protruded on stems out of the trunk. Sean bought Terryn an ice cream cone and he was having fun making strawberry mustaches. I fed baby, drank a lot of water and sat in front of the fan.

Then we grabbed our tuk-tuk and headed for the Central Market.

We bought a few things… among them being a watch for Sean and necklace for myself. Terryn kept running around the center stalls of the market. I got super freaked out the he was going to run off and I’d never find him. We finally managed to corral him in the center aisle ways. Sean would go one way and I’d go another. Terryn expended a lot of his energy running around. I was glad. After the market we had lunch and then went back to the hotel.
We had to check out at 2:00pm and it was almost time. Initially our car that was going to take us to Siem Reap was supposed to show up at 3:00. He called us and told us it would be more like 4:00. We figured we’d check out of our room and have the hotel hold our bags while we went swimming. We needed to cool off and had some time to kill.

After swimming we got some sandwiches to go and then waited for our car. We waited… and we waited… and we waited. Sean finally called the guy again and he said he was running late. He didn’t show up until like 5:30pm. I was NOT happy. Terryn was restless and running all over the hotel lobby. On top of that he needed to take a nap and I was hoping he’d do that in the car. We knew the drive to Siem Reap was about a four and a half hour drive. Arggg…. So we wouldn't be getting into our hotel room until about 10:00pm. That was NOT what I had planned.

The drive went fine. W made good time and everyone fell asleep at one point or another. I had a hard time sleeping because our driver was a bit crazy. He kept braking really hard all the time and it freaked me out. My heart would be racing for minutes afterward and it would be hard to relax again. I was always afraid some sort of accident was eminent. Luckily we made it safely to our hotel around 10:30pm. We got settled in and went to bed.

We couldn’t remember what time out tour was for the next day and the internet wasn’t working so we couldn’t check. We just assumed they’d be here around 7:30am and we’d go see Angkor Wat. We were all so exhausted that we slept pretty well… with the exception on Jayce waking up a few times.

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