Saturday, May 26, 2012

Carrrrrific Birthday

Terryn got invited to a birthday that was today. For the last few days I've been telling him about Cooper's birthday. He was really excited about it. The party's theme was race cars.
We entered through their gate and saw this pretty spectacular contraption in their driveway. Along side it was a "road". We got to find out what all this was for about 30 minutes later.
In the meantime, Terryn had fun playing with all his friends from school. He road on bikes, jumped on the trampoline, ate some food and played on their jungle gym. Then the kiddos put on their swim suits.
The fancy contraption was a car wash.
The kids would ride their bikes through the car wash and get wet by the streams of water, the sponges or the fabric. 
 I think the kid car wash was just about THE COOLEST PARTY IDEA EVER!!!!
 The kids kept going around and around and around in it. They had so much fun.
Some of the kids had some problems turning and they'd knock loose one of the pipes. Some of the parents worked "pipe duty" where they kept connecting the pipes as they'd come apart. It kept them on their toes.
At some point Sean took one of the sponges and started scrubbing Terryn with it. Terryn thought this was great and it started a trend with the other kids.
 It was hilarious to watch the kids scrubbing themselves through the car wash.
 The kids played in the water for a long time.
 Then it was snack time and time for cup cakes.
 Everybody sang happy birthday to Cooper who was turning 3.
 Then Cooper, or rather his sisters, blew out the candles.
 Terryn enjoyed licking the icing off his cupcake.
We really had a great time at Cooper's party. I was really sad that I didn't get to know Cooper's parents earlier. I really liked meeting Kelly, his mom. She was awesome. I could have seen us being good friends. Sigh... I will miss it here.
Kelly gave all the kids a parting gift. There were a few car toys inside and then an awesome custom T-shirt. Seriously?! How rockin' is that?!!! I think this was probably one of the best kid's parties I have ever been to.... EVER! Don't be mad Kelly if I steal your idea for some future get-together.

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