Thursday, May 24, 2012

Brother in Pajamas

The other day I was buying some clothes for the kids. 
I happened upon some PJs in sizes for both Terryn and Jayce that were the same. It's difficult to find PJs here anyway so I jumped all over that.
When I showed Terryn that both him and Jayce had the same PJs, he giggled and got excited. So last night we had them wear them.
They were being so cute together. Terryn was playing with his GeoTrax and Jayce was watching with such interest. It was adorable. Then Terryn wanted to hold "Baby Base", so I grabbed my camera and had him hold the baby.
Terryn kept doing his cheeser smile and holding Jayce's face all weird, but I managed to get a few decent shots of them.
Jayce has been standing on his own for awhile now. Sean said that last night he actually got up to a standing position from a squat all by himself and without holding on to anything.
I told my mom that he's probably going to start walking while we're staying with her. Then, nothing will be safe. This little guy likes to get into everything! But he sure is cute!

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