Sunday, April 1, 2012

Parents' Visit- Mui Ne Cham Towers and Fairy Stream

Unfortunately for us, there was a typhoon heading straight towards Phan Thiet for the time we were planning on staying in Mui Ne. To top it off Terryn was still sick and the rest of us (me, Sean, my Mom and baby) were all starting to come down with the cold too. We were planning on spending 3 days in Mui Ne. We showed up at our hotel and right off, we had some problems. We got there about 2 hours after check-in time and our rooms still were not ready. We waited for awhile and they finally got us in our rooms. I was not happy with our accommodations. I had used Agoda to book our rooms and all the reviews sang praises about this place. I thought the place was sub-par. I was sad because I had hoped to stay in a really nice place while we were here and it ended up being a mediocre place. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't the nice resort I had hoped. If I could have done it all over again, I would have booked a different place.

After we arrived the kids and I went swimming. My Dad wandered around the beach for a bit and I think my Mom rested or shopped. I can't remember what Sean was doing. Then we went out to eat at the Indian restaurant that we love here. The food was amazing and put me in a bit better mood. We then pretty much called it a day. We were all tired.

That night and the next day Typhoon Pakhar was rearing it's ugly head. It rained and rained and the wind was blowing pretty hard. Although it wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Sean and I drove around trying to find rain ponchos so we could go out and actually see some stuff. We finally found some and I bought 5 of them. This then allowed us to see the Cham Towers. 
Just me, my Mom and Dad went. Sean stayed in the car with the kiddos because they were all feeling pretty crappy.
My Mom and I had our Vietnamese hats on to protect us from the rain and we all had on ponchos.
There was a virtual river flowing down the paved path to the towers.
I know my Mom was really happy that we came and saw the towers though. They were literally a 10 minute drive from our hotel.
After we explored the three towers we continued hiking up the path and saw this interesting memorial and the Prince ruins.
Apparently there was a prince who built his summer home near the Cham ruins. There was hardly anything left of his former home. I think they said it had been bombed or something.
The view from the hill was pretty awesome though. You could see the harbor of Phan Thiet and all the hundreds of brightly colored fishing boats. It was really windy here too. After seeing the towers and after lunch, we went driving around Mui Ne to show my parents the fishing village and the Red sand dunes. After getting a little lost we finally found them. Then my Mom, Dad and I went looking at some shops for a bit. It kept raining and it took the fun out of looking in the shops.

Around dinner time the rain let up a bit. We decided to go to the Rain Forest or Rung restaurant. They had Cham music playing. We got to sit by the band. Terryn liked watching the guys playing the drums. The restaurant had a nice ambiance and I think my parents liked the music. Terryn keep getting up and looking around at the different decor. He found a barrel full of eels that he wanted to show grandpa. Dinner was great. I had crocodile and Sean had squid. Mom really liked trying the crocodile.

The next day the weather had calmed down quite a bit. It was our last day and we were hoping to fit in a few things.
The Fairy Stream was something my Mom was really looking forward to doing.
I hope she wasn't disappointed. The weather was actually quite nice.
It wasn't that busy either. I think the storm probably scared people away from Mui Ne.
We think that the storm made the stream a little more muddy than normal.
We kept finding all these little crabs in the stream. They were everywhere.
My Dad thinks they were getting washed out of the springs.
Sean and the kids stayed in the car for this one too.
Terryn was feeling pretty miserable and so was Sean.
We had a nice walk to the waterfall. There was one tourist who warned us that the waterfall was small. I guess he must have read a sign that said "waterfall 200 meters" and thought the waterfall was 200 meters high. My Dad laughed, but I said I already knew it was small because I'd been here before.
My Mom did have a little incident where she lost her balance and fell into the stream. She got part of her pants wet, but it wasn't that bad. I think by the time we made it back to the car she was mostly dry.
I think we had quite the nice visit to the Fairy Stream. We were really lucky that the weather was nice. When we got back to the car, we noticed that both Terryn and Jayce were asleep. Then we stopped for some sandwiches to bring with us for the ride back to HCMC. They were really yummy and I'd wished that I had ordered myself two. We were still debating whether or not we'd stop at Takou Mountain on the way back. It would depend on how we felt when we got there.

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