Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Baby Jayce... It's Food Time!

The title of this post comes from Terryn. Instead of telling Daddy it's dinner time or to come down for dinner he always says, "Daddy! It's food time!" I think it's cute. Jayce lately has loved to feed himself. Sometimes he won't eat unless it's something he can shove into his mouth himself.
As cute as that is... it doesn't always work so well.
Some of the time it just ends up stuck to his face, or his hand OR he ends up dropping it and then sitting on it.
The other thing he's done lately that is really funny, but also kinda drives me nuts is he likes to blow raspberries right after I've spooned in a mouthful of food. He ends up getting it everywhere... even on me. It makes me laugh, but I don't know how to get him to stop because he thinks it's hilarious.
Terryn did something yesterday that was super funny and worth sharing. Sean left on a business trip and I think when he dropped Terryn off for school, Sean must have told him that he was going on an airplane. He probably gave him a kiss and an extra big hug. When I picked him up from school and when we were in the car this is what transpired:
Jayce babled, "Dada dadadadada."
Terryn sweetly said, "I'm so sorry Baby Bayce. Daddy's at the airport."
Hahahaha! So cute!

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