Friday, March 16, 2012

The Sickness Continues

We seriously cannot get a break from sickness in this house. Last night Terryn was complaining that his tummy hurt and he was being a bit whiny. He seemed okay though as the evening progressed. When it was dinner time he was really excited for Mac'n Cheese. Once it was made he ate a few bites and then he was done. He wouldn't eat any more. Sean was out at a business dinner so I let Terryn fall asleep in our bed.

He fell asleep pretty quickly. It was a bit later than his normal bedtime and he was tired. Jayce was already asleep too. I was almost asleep when I hear this weird sound. It was like a choking cough or something and then I got a whiff of a very distinct smell. Yes... that would be the smell of vomit. I turned on the light to find a very disoriented Terryn with throw up all over the side of face and pajamas.... and yes... our bed. Awesome.

He started getting a bit hysterical and I soothed him the best I could. I had him stand over the toilet and told him to throw up in there. He puked a few more times and  then I figured he was done so I coaxed him into taking a bath. I let him have 'bubbles' in the bath and he really liked that. I cleaned him off and put him in new pjs. I let him watch a movie and told him if he felt sick to do it in the bowl I sat beside him. We practiced a few times so he'd know what to do.

I stripped the bed and put everything nasty in the wash. I texted Sean and asked him to come home if he wasn't already on his way. Then he got home and he snuggled with Terryn for awhile.

I ended up moving Terryn's bed into our room. I didn't want him in our bed in case he threw up again, but I wanted to be right there in case he did get sick to help him. Once Terryn got sleepy we all went back to bed. He was fine the rest of the night and felt normal in the morning.

We learned that a few other people from school had also been sick last night.

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