Friday, March 23, 2012

Parents' Visit- Hanoi Mausoleum & Temple of Literature

As we walked toward the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Terryn found a big stick. In typical boy fashion, he started waving it all over the place.
He may or may not have whacked Sean in the face with it.
We were hanging out in the plaza, but my parent kept walking a ways before they chose a pathway to walk toward the mausoleum.
You can see them walking on the side walk in one of the pictures.
The mausoleum is a very imposing structure. It's all angular and you can't even get that close to it because it has a "do not cross" perimeter and has guards by the door. There are also patrolling guards around the plaza. While we were taking pictures some Vietnamese girls were also taking pictures and then they spotted Jayce. They started sneaking pictures of him and then Sean gave them a look and said, "Okay," letting them snaps picture. What was funny is when we started walking away, they gathered in their little group to look at the pictures they just shot... we heard this loud, girly squeal arise from their group as they saw the picture of Jayce on their camera screen. So funny!
As we started walking out of the plaza to find a taxi, we notice some ladies weeding the grass.
We continues our walk and discovered the Vietnamese equivalent of the White House. It's where the Vietnamese President meets with dignitaries and such.
Once we found a taxi we headed over to the Temple of Literature.
The Temple of Literature is a Confucianist School... or was an academy long ago.
Now it is more of a tourist attraction, but is still used as a place of worship.
We were able to go through the grounds and enjoy the architecture and gardens.
There were even some woman playing wooden and stringed instruments in the music room.
I ended up buying this kinda big, but beautiful fan here. I've been looking for one for a while to have as a wall hanging. Little did I realize that it was too big to fit into any of our luggage and we'd have to haul this around to Lao Cai, Sapa, Halong Bay and Hanoi. Whoops. Luckily it did make it home, but barely. It was almost left behind numerous times and my dad almost broke it trying to pull our luggage cart into the elevator at the airport. Hahahaha.
I guess Terryn really had to pee while we were at the Temple of Literature. Hopefully he didn't offend anyone by peeing on the grass.
The third open plaza was almost empty. I think most people don't realize there is a third section to the Temple of Literature. You have to walk around the 2nd section, but it looks like it just stops. I think my parents enjoyed it here. I know my dad enjoyed the music. After this it was off to Lake Hoan Kiem.

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