Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Parents' Visit- Halong Bay Day 3

Our last day in Halong Bay was a good one. I was expecting us to have breakfast and then the rest of the day would be cruising back to the mainland where we'd have lunch and then be on our way back to Hanoi.
This was not the case.
We had breakfast and we did cruise around a bit, but then we stopped at one of the islands.
This island had a very small beach and you could tell it's where the tour company keeps it's kayaks.
There were stairs ascending up the rocky side of the island.
We disembarked and our guide led us up the stairs to the small mouth of a cave.
At this entrance there were some pretty cool looking trees with long dangling vines.
I managed to convince everyone to pose for a group shot.
The cave was pretty cool, albeit small. Our guide told us that fisherman used to use this place as a shelter in bad weather.
Terryn I think was pretty pooped after our short hike through the cave. He still wasn't feeling well.
We took our time at the exit of the cave to snap a few pictures.
The sun was coming out and the day was warming up a bit.
Terryn did not want to pose for any family pictures though.
After we exited the cave, we went back through the cave to get back to the beach. Here we had some free time for a bit. Our guide told us we could swim if we wanted. None of us did, but we enjoyed the beach.

There was a random soccer ball that the boys kicked around. Terryn tried to kick the ball around and it was funny to watch. There was also a puppy on the beach. Terryn kept trying to pet it, but I think he really scared it away. It was pretty cute. My Mom found another sea caterpillar as we explored the beach. I mostly rested and took pictures.
After our free time was over we boarded our ship again. We had a bit of time to check out of our rooms and then we ate lunch. Once lunch was over we disembarked for the last time. We boarded another bus and 4 hours later were dropped off at the same little cafe as before in Hanoi. We ate dinner there and then took a taxi to the airport. Our six day northern adventure was over. We'd had a lot of fun, but we were pretty tired. This was a trip I'd never forget.

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