Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Lately we've been seeing a lot of kites in the sky. 
It's fun to drive by and see all the floating colors. We decided we should buy some and take Terryn out to fly a kite. I bought 2 kites for about $3 each.
Monday night we went out to a field near our house and set up the kites. We realized pretty quickly that these kites didn't come with enough string to fly them. Literally it was like 5 feet worth of string. We ended up tying to two 5ft lengths together and tried to fly our kite. It didn't work very well and I kept wishing we had a good stunt kite instead. Terryn got to attempt to fly the kite for a bit. I think he enjoyed it.
We'll have to go buy some string and then try again.
The evening was gorgeous though and I'm sad that we didn't have enough string. The moon was out early as you can probably see from the picture.... it was so pretty. We probably would have stayed out much longer and had more fun. Oh well... I guess that's what we get for not opening the kites ahead of time.

On the way home Terryn said, "Daddy, Daddy! The moon is chasing us!" We laughed and Sean attempted to outrun the moon. So funny!

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