Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vietnamese Wedding

After getting all decked out we headed into the city for the wedding. It was for a guy that Sean works with. Vietnamese wedding receptions usually have pretty good food. It's usually like a 6 course meal.
There's usually some interesting entertainment as well, including dancers, lip syncers and then open karaoke which is ALWAYS interesting.
The kiddos were pretty good. Jayce was fascinated by the light displays that happened during the performers. We didn't feel bad about bringing our kids because there were lots of other children there too of all ages.
Terryn wasn't horrible during the event, but he wasn't a little angel either. He kept hiding under the table which irritated me to no end. But them he'd do some really funny things like stick his fruit snacks on the ends of his chop sticks and lick them like a lolli-pop.
Everyone thought Terryn and Jayce looked very handsome. We had fun, but once dinner was over we bailed so we could go put the kids to bed.

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  1. Nguyen: somehow I'm here. i've gone through some of your stories which are great. And, it's nice to know that you foreigner love the karaoke part in wedding parties hehe.