Monday, January 30, 2012

Traveling to Can Tho

For Tet holiday this year we decided to go visit some friends in Can Tho. It's a city located in the Mekong Delta. Sean decided to drive us there. I have to admit I was a bit nervous because if we got lost we'd be in big trouble. We'd have no idea where we were and probably no one to ask directions.
The drive went rather smoothly though. We passed lots of beautiful scenery. There were lush rice fields that were so green. We also saw shrimp fields, cattle fields, rivers and the Vietnam normal city/village chaos.
In some of the fields you'd see burial plot right in the middle. It was kinda random.
We passed through one city near My Tho that had TONS of antennas. In the picture you can see a bunch of them through the maze of telephone wires.
Since we crossed over lots of rivers, that meant we crossed many bridges. And I mean MANY bridges. In fact one of the more memorable parts of our journey to Can Tho was when Sean took one small bridge WAY too fast and Jayce's car seat got pulled down so he was practically standing. That freaked me out. I nagged on Sean for going too fast as I fixed the car seat. Poor little Jayce.
There were two bridges in particular as we neared our destination that were HUGE suspension bridges.
I thought they were quite beautiful.
It's not uncommon for the motorbikes to stop on the bridge and take pictures or just enjoy the view.
These pictures I took would have been so much better had they not been taken through the dirty front windshield of the car. You can imagine what they would like if they didn't have the dust and smudgy streak marks from Sean trying to clean it off with the wipers.

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