Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Boat Ride and Floating Market

Friday morning we went out on a boat in the river. We rode for awhile and made our way towards the floating market.
It ended up being just our small group, the driver and his family. It was cool to basically have the boat to ourselves.
Terryn of course LOVED the boat.
We just showed up by the river and Hieu went out to negotiate the price. It ended up being about $15 for us all to rent the boat for a couple hours. Nice deal right?! We figured if it was just Hieu that we'd get a better price than if us Americans tried to haggle the price. We always get what we fondly call the "White Man Tax". We always pay more for everything.
While on the river we saw people fishing.
I love this picture. It so perfectly illustrates the grand mixture that is Vietnam. The ghetto mixed with the luxurious. There's not much separation among ramshackle buildings and super nice villas.
We decided Jayce needed a hat too. Though I don't think he liked it much.
Terryn wanted to sit by Christina. He kept walking around the front of the boat. I was afraid something was going to end up in the water, but it didn't.
We passed a few floating petrol stations. They were kinda cool.
Here's a boat full of pumpkins and pineapple.

Here's where we started coming into the floating market. It was getting later in the morning and it was still Tet, so I have a feeling it wasn't as busy as it would normally be. There were lots of tourist boats and a few boats selling different things. Above you can see a boat full of pineapple.
Here's a boat full of watermelon.
We stopped at a floating cafe. You could eat breakfast here, drinks or buy a random assortment of fruit. Here's Terryn and Christina by the scales and jum jums.
We ended up buying some jum jums and a pomelo.
On the way back, the driver let Hieu drive for a bit... or maybe it was Christina.
We rather enjoyed the boat ride. I know when we went to Nha Trang it was Sean's favorite part of our trip. It was nice to be out in the water away from the crowds. It was also a beautiful day.

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