Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Beautiful Jayce & a Massage

Our last full day in Can Tho, Trinh offered to watch Jayce so Sean and I could get massages. Hieu would watch Terryn for us. While Jayce was with Trinh I guess he had a blow out. I forgot to leave extra clothes with her so she dressed him up in some of Christina's old clothes. That meant a dress. Hahahaha. This picture's a little blurry, but Jayce makes a pretty cute girl.
The massages we got were okay. The place was under staffed because it was still Tet week. Our massages were just mediocre and were only about 20 minutes. To be honest, I was a little uncomfortable. I'm super modest and getting a massage where you're naked underneath the towel is a bit weird for me. The thing that made me uncomfortable though was the lady didn't seem to care about the towel so much. I was bare bummed for a bit of the massage and I had to keep pulling the towel up.

Later I thought about how Sean's massage was going and wondering if this place was one of the dodgy ones we've been warned about. After we left and were on our way to get Terryn, Sean gave me this look and laughed. He said, the lady in there asked me if I wanted her to massage my 'baby'. At first he was like "Huh? My baby?" and then she patted him in a very personal area. Whoa! He said, "No," obviously, but then he said after that he was in a hurry to get out of there. Hahahahaha.

When we went to go get Terryn, I guess he had peed his pants. Dude. What was up with my kids that day? So when we showed up Terryn was naked from the waist down, sitting in a chair and playing a game on Hieu's iPad.

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