Sunday, August 28, 2011

Post Baby Shower

My baby shower was this Saturday. It was more of an open house, but I liked that it was just more of a laid-back social gathering. I "forced" Sean to be there. He really didn't want to be, but I made him. He ended up enjoying himself though because there were other guys there.
I got to visit with a lot of people I haven't seen yet since I've been here.
We got a lot of super cute gifts from people too.  
Thanks everybody who came! I hope you got to meet the newest member of our family.

Water Parks

Last weekend we went to Dash Point Beach. We wanted to take Terryn to the beach and let him enjoy the sun and get him out of the house. It was pretty packed, but we did manage to find parking so that was a plus. Terryn mainly played on the playground. There was a birthday party going on and they let Terryn play with some of their toys. There was a little dump truck that he loved.
I mainly sat with Jayce while Sean watched Terryn, but Sean did manage some Jayce time.
It was pretty cute that Sean got him to smile.
Sean took Terryn down to the water. He didn't really want to go and he was pretty scared of the water. Sean put him in the water and when they came up to me Terryn told me that the water was cold.
After Dash Point we decided to go to the water park at Norpoint. We weren't ready to go home and since Terryn wasn't all that down with the beach we thought this would be fun. Sean and Terryn ran around for awhile and they had fun. We actually ran into some people we knew too.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Photo Shoot with Megan

When Jayce was 10 days old my friend Megan Michaelis came over to take new born pictures.
I think she did a great job.
She really had her work cut out for her because Jayce was kinda fussy and Terryn was being a terror.
I really love the pictures of Sean holding Jayce. Sean was being kind of a whiner about it, but I think they turned out fabulously. In fact, I think Sean secretly loves these photos too. The funniest part was that while Sean was holding him, because he was butt naked he started peeing. There's actually a picture of Sean holding him and you can see the stream of pee. It's hilarious.
We were lucky that she actually captured a decent family photo of us. Terryn was being a nightmare and would not hold still or look at the camera.
I really wanted a picture of Terryn holding Jayce in the rocking chair. This rocking chair is over 80 years old and used to belong to my mom's great-grandfather. Unfortunately, Terryn WOULD NOT cooperate.
Even though he's a little stinker sometimes...
he is still darn cute.
I was going for a whimsical-looking photo, but the sleeper ended up looking a little silly. 
I think these two photos are pretty cute. 

Megan was able to capture this really cute photo of Terryn holding his name. He was really proud of himself.
Jayce did a pretty good job overall during the photoshoot. The poor guy got pretty cold though. His little feet started turning blue.
I actually really love this photo. I think this one looks fairly whimsical. I love my mom's garden.
This one is cute too. You can actually see his face. 
Megan had this cute little scarf that we wrapped him in. 
Thanks Megan for taking our pictures! 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Julie's Birthday

Sunday was Julie's Birthday. Anna made dinner and I brought over some black-bottom cupcakes. I made up a little "cake" out of the cupcakes so we'd have something to put candles on. Booyah 15 candles this year!
Dinner was delicious. Even Terryn, who we can hardly ever get to eat dinner, was chowing down on Anna's special #5.
I wish I would have gotten a picture of it, but at one point Terryn had his mouth completely jammed full of noodles and there were tons of them hanging out of his mouth.
It was hilarious, but he managed to wolf it all down before I could snap a picture.  
After dinner, we did presents. Julie got some cooking utensils from Anna. I think it was stuff to make sushi... also there were the awesome cooking chopsticks.
Since we had people's Christmas presents super early, we had Anna open her Christmas present from us. It was seasons 1-6 of the Office that she was super excited about and some bamboo chopstick bowls.
Julie got a cute green North Face jacket from us that I think she liked. Why do I think that? She tried it on and then she continued to wear it until we left. :)
After presents we did the cake. 
For some reason Terryn really loves it when everybody sings "Happy Birthday." 
Jayce of course was asleep... and remained asleep until Mama wanted to eat cupcakes.
Well Julie, Happy 15th Birthday! I hope all your wishes come true (even though you missed blowing out the candles in the back).

Woodland Park Zoo

Last Thursday I took the kiddos to the zoo with my Mom. There had been a great Groupon for like more than 50% off the ticket price so I jumped on it. We were planning on getting to the zoo right as it opened, but I am finding out that getting two kids ready to go takes FOREVER! Once I get one guy situated and ready to go I have to deal with the other one. Then by the time I'm done with that, the other needs me to do something else. Wow. Guess I just need more practice.

So we headed out to Seattle and busted out the Phil & Teds AWESOME stroller. Can I just say how much I LOVE my tandem stroller. It's a little tricky to set up and take down, but once you get the hang of it, it's no big deal. I love that it's the size of a normal stroller and I can fit both my kids in it. It's also super easy to push and I love that my bag clips right onto it. Anywayz... enough about my stroller and back to the zoo.

We started off with the penguins. Terryn loved watching them swim. He got to walk around for most of the beginning part of our visit. He had on his panda backpack that has a leash. That way he can't just run off because I think he's faster and stronger than both my mom and I.
Terryn got to see the sloth bear...
The Tiger...
The Meer Cats... (he thought they were pretty cool)
and the Komodo Dragons.
In fact, he loved those big lizards so much that after we left the building, he wanted to go back in and see them again.
For a lot of our visit, Terryn was more interested in walking than actually seeing the animals so we ended up putting him in the stroller again. He wasn't too happy about that. After awhile, we let him back out so he could see the monkeys.
He thought the monkeys were okay, but he was really fascinated with their habitat. He really liked the waterfalls in their enclosures.
We also made it in time to see the elephants being fed by the zoo keeper. Terryn really wanted to feed the elephant and was a little disappointed that he didn't get to. I guess he must remember that he gets to do it when we visit them elephants at the Saigon Zoo.
We could tell Terryn was getting tired so he got to go back in the stroller. It took both my mom and I to do it. We had to basically wrestle him down into it. He was crying and screaming, kicking and flailing his body all over the place. I said to my mom, "Uh, let's not take him out again until he's going into the car because that was really hard." After he was all buckled in and had a few minutes to pout, he was fine again. It was a lot easier to see some more of the zoo after that.
The very last thing we did was visit the Dinosaurs. They were animaltronic statues that growls, roared and some even spit water. They were pretty fun, but I think they might have traumatized Terryn. He kept saying, "Monster. I scared." I laughed and told them about the dinosaurs or pointed out the baby ones. The very last dinosaur was a huge T-Rex. This one really freaked Terryn out. Hahahahaha...

So our trip to the zoo was pretty fun. Next time we'll try harder to go earlier I think and we'll go when school is back in session. There were TONS of kids at the zoo doing their Zoo Summer Camp.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Some Pictures of Jayce

Okay, I have decided I am definitely not a very good photographer of babies... or kids for that matter.
I really need to read the owner's manual for my camera and figure out how to take nice fast action photos.
I manage to take a few cute pictures of Jayce, but they are not as sharp as I would like them to be.
When Megan came over to take the newborn photos, I totally forgot that I wanted some with the sheepskin rug, so I decided to try my hand at it.
He was being good for awhile and then he started wiggling all over the place. The light was kinda dark, but the pictures without the flash have such nicer color.
I'll have to try again after I feed him sometime. Maybe I'll get the cute little face he pulls sometimes where he pulls his lips into a circle.