Monday, July 25, 2011

A Trip to the ER

Last night my mom and I spend the night in the ER with Terryn. He was having such a rough night. He could barely breathe. I knew he had a cold and wasn't feeling good. I was going to take him to the doctors in the morning, but he woke up around midnight crying hysterically and really laboring to breathe. After about an hour of this I decided I couldn't wait until morning. He was so upset. I'd ask him what I could do or what he wanted and all he'd say was, "Daddy." It was pretty heart breaking really.

We took him to the ER and they took an X-ray to make sure he didn't have pneumonia. They determined that it was just asthma. They hooked him up to a nebulizer and gave him albuterol twice and then he started breathing a lot better. Before the treatment he was breathing so hard that he was sucking in his ribs. After the treatment he was happy, silly and wanting to eat. In fact, he was trying to go all over the place and cracking up the staff with his attempts at Vietnamese. The hospital managed to get us a nebulizer machine to bring home and a Rx for albuterol to help until he gets his breathing under control. Every 4-6 hours he needs to use the "chicken" mask to help him breathe.
Once we got home I thought, "Okay he's feeling better he should be able to sleep." My mom and I were both exhausted and so sleep sounded nice. Unfortunately Terryn woke up every hour crying and I felt like I was losing my mind. I was SO TIRED. When Terryn would wake up he was so unconsolable. There was nothing I could do for him, but whisper to him he'd be okay, rub his back and put the blankets back on him. Most of the time he'd stop crying after about 10 minutes of calling for "Daddy".

At one point when he wouldn't stop crying I just got up and left the room. This time I was hysterically crying. I was so exhausted. I would have been tired anyway, but the fact that the day before I also didn't feel good and hadn't slept well just compounded everything for me. I cried for about 5 minutes and prayed to have the strength to continue to comfort Terryn and to be able to put up with everything for the rest of the night. After the 5 minutes I went back in the room and was able to calm Terryn down. He continued to wake up every hour and did so from 5:00am to about 10:30am when we all finally got up. I heard my phone ringing at some point in the morning and knew it was probably Sean calling from Vietnam, but the phone was still in my bag and I was too tired to get out of bed.

Today he's been really stationary. He hasn't eaten or drunk hardly anything. He came in the living room and laid down on the trampoline. We put on a movie and he just laid there. I went to the store to fill the Rx and grabbed a few other items I should have gotten a lot time ago like Children's Tylenol and Children's cold medicine. When I got back from the store Paula was at the house and was watching movies with him. We hooked up the nebulizer and had Terryn cuddle next to Paula on the couch and he took his treatment for about 30 minutes. He was really good about it. At the hospital it took both me and my mom holding him down and holding down his arms to keep the mask on. At the house, with a movie to watch and I think because he realizes the mask helps him feel better, he kept it on without any fuss.
After the treatment he ate some apples, drank some water and then jumped on the trampoline twice. Then he laid back down and hasn't moved for the last 3 hours because he fell asleep. I'm watching him sleep now and his breathing is still really labored. As soon as he wakes up we're gonna have to put the nebulizer back on him. I just hope he sleeps tonight because I am so tired. I don't know if I can handle another night like last night. I might go into early labor being completely exhausted without the energy to deliver.

I really can't wait for Sean to get here. Terryn needs his daddy and I need my husband.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lake Washington

So my event coordinator (Jackie) planned an activity for us this morning. We went boating out at Lake Washington. Matt took Alison and Calvin and Jackie and Ella went with me and Terryn. The kids were so cute. I happened to look in the back seat and they were holding hands.
I promise that we did not  tell them to do this. They did it all on their own. 
They were just being so sweet to each other. Ella kept giving Terryn parts of her bagel. 
They both kept swapping Terryn's glasses back and forth too. They were so silly. 
We had a pretty good ride to the lake. 
Once we got to the Lake Jackie hopped out to help Matt launch the boat. I parked the car and then Ella, Terryn and I walked out to the dock to be picked up. They were really good about holding my hands.

Once on the boat the kids had a blast. Terryn even tried out sitting on the front of the boat. I was afraid he might try to bail off the side, but my fears were allayed pretty quickly. Terryn was good about following the girls' examples and sitting right up next to the bar and holding on. He loved it.
Terryn and Ella played really well the whole time. He was even really gentle with Calvin. He was pretty sweet and actually listened better than last time we were on the boat.
Ella still gets scared when the boat goes faster. She took refuge in a little cubby for awhile. 
We weren't on the boat for very long... well 4 hours, but the weather was beautiful and we were out long enough not to get sunburned. We left right at lunch time. Jackie got to get in some wake boarding, we got to see some people doing the air chair and paddle boarding, we passed by Bill Gates' house and saw some of the other really big houses on Lake Washington. I took a short swim too before Jackie got back in the boat from boarding. We tried to get the kiddos to come in the water, but it was just a little too cold for them. We had a great time. Thanks Matt and Jackie for letting us crash your boat outing!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Water Park

So I think I need to hire Jackie as my official event coordinator because she always has such awesome ideas for outings. This afternoon was beautiful weather-wise and so she was going to take her kids to this water park in Tacoma. I decided that was a wonderful idea, especially since Terryn never took a nap today. I HAD to get him out of the house. I told Jackie I would meet her there.
We showed up and Terryn was pretty hesitant about entering the park because of the water. He was a little scaredy cat. There's a part of the park that's just pain-old playground, with no water features. We basically stuck to that at first.
Terryn went on the swings, climbed, went down the slides... he was able to run all over the place. 
Terryn really wanted to go into the water, but he was just too scared. You can see him wanting to go in, but hanging back behind the wall.
He really loved climbing around. 
He kind of chilled out when Ella and Alison showed up. Both Ella and Terryn though were water chickens. They liked to watch the other kids, but they wouldn't actually go get very wet. It took quite awhile before they would venture closer to the water. By the end of our time there Terryn would go out to the water guns and play with it.
For awhile Alison, Ella and Terryn were playing by the water fountain. There was a high, normal fountain... and then there was a lower fountain for dogs. Terryn kept drinking, like a dog, out of the dog fountain.
I thought that was pretty gross, but I didn't stop him. I actually thought it was pretty funny. 
Calvin was being pretty cute so I had to take some photos. 
He was being good too. 
Jackie took him out to have some water fun. 
At one point the kiddos made friends with some teenagers with skateboards. Alison and Terryn kind of confiscated one of them for awhile and rode it around. It was funny.
I think all the kids had a fun time. I was glad to have Terryn do something to use up his energy and keep him occupied. Since he didn't have a nap I wanted him to be doing something fun. This water park was definitely cool. We will definitely be visiting it again.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Seattle Children's Museum

Jackie has this great pass for the Seattle Children's Museum. She can take up to 4 guests with her family for free. Talk about a sweet deal!
Since it was supposed to rain today we decided to make a day of it.
There were lots of things to do and see. I tried to take a bunch of pictures, but honestly... I was really disappointed with most of my pictures. I need to read my camera manual because I cannot figure out how to shoot my hyper active 2 year old with the flash.
Like this picture of Terryn in the fireman outfit would have been perfect, but if I don't use the flash the pictures turn out blurry. So frustrating. This picture would have been so adorable!
Anywayz, Terryn really enjoyed getting into any of the mock vehicles and driving them. The bus, the firetruck, the car or motorcycle. He loved them all.
There was one section that was the grocery store. The kids loved filling up their carts with all sorts of stuff. Jackie decided to be the checker for Alison. "Can I get a price check on Greek Yogurt? Price check!"
I think Ella is stocking up for her food storage. 
For some reason Terryn half filled his cart with cheese. Hmmm... he wouldn't happen to be Sean's child would he?
Hmmm... we needed to check the weight on the Calvin item in the store. 
Then Ella decided to be the checker for awhile. Terryn helped out a little too. 
There was another room that had a bunch of cars for the kiddos to drive. There were stations to "fill up" the cars with gas. Terryn's being a gentleman and chauffeuring Ella around and filling up the car with gas.
I think they had fun... once they stopped fighting over the cars. 
Even Calvin got in on some of the car action. 
Then there was the Discovery Bay area. There was a little stream where plastic fish could float down the water.
There was a statue of a whale where we tried so hard to get the kids to all look at the camera while sitting in it. 
That was basically impossible. 
Alison was funny. She kept wanting me to take her picture everywhere. I had to laugh because I think I was the same way when I was her age. 
Terryn and Ella decided they needed to take a bike cruise together. 
Then Terryn decided he needed a snack. 
The size room was the last place we visited. I at least managed to get one picture with all the kids looking. They are sitting in the Three Bears' chairs from the story Goldilocks.
Alison posing it up again. 
Calvin took a short breather in the chair. After about 10 seconds he started crying. He didn't like it much. 
Ella kept trying to put the huge bear back in the chair. It was hilarious because it was too big for her. She was more bear wrestling and I think the bear was winning. It was so funny.
The Children's Museum was pretty fun. We only ended up staying for about 2 hours, but it was perfect. The kids got to play for awhile and then we got to leave before it started pouring down rain. There was enough time to pick up some lunch and make it back home to put Terryn down for his nap. Jackie and I did have to laugh when Alison said she had "Good news," meaning Terryn had just fallen asleep. We're like, "That's not good news." We gave permission to Alison to bug Terryn the rest of the way home so he'd stay awake. He was pretty upset about that, but he got over it. All in all, it was a great day!

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Trampoline

My Mom's neighbor brought over a small trampoline for Terryn to borrow. He LOVES it. Frankly I love it too. It's a great way for Terryn to use up some of his excess energy. It has a bar that goes across it so he can hold on to it and jump to his heart's content. I'll post the video of it once I get it loaded.

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Sunday Boat Cruise

Terryn and I had the opportunity to take a Sunday cruise after church with our friends Matt, Jackie, Ella, Alison and Calvin. We dropped in at Tacoma and the weather couldn't have been more perfect.
I don't think Terryn has ever been in a boat like this before and he loved it. He loved looking out the back. He loved when we went fast and he LOVED pushing buttons that he wasn't supposed to push.
He had fun keeping Ella company too. She gets scared when the boat goes fast, but as long as she has a blanket over her head she's fine. For awhile the two of them had a towel over their heads and they were giggling.
I tried to get a couple of shots of the Narrows Bridge. It was so beautiful, but the pictures are a pale comparison to the real view.
Terryn and all the kids loved munching on the snacks. They had this huge bag of kettle corn and I think Terryn polished off about a quarter of the bag just himself.

At times we'd slow down and take a look around... or so I get take a picture. 
I have no idea what the kids were looking at, but the look on Ella's face is awesome. 
Most of the time Terryn wanted to be wherever Ella or Alison were. 
We stopped by a property of the Tacoma Yacht Club and let the kids play for awhile. They had a much needed (by me) restroom and a playground. Alison played by the water for awhile and Jackie and I sat and chatted while sitting with Calvin. After resting, snacking and playing, we headed back out.
 Mt. Rainer looked pretty amazing too... again the picture doesn't do it justice.
Calvin kept making this face on the boat. 
Matt saw this huge piece of driftwood floating around.
As we got closer we realized that there were four harbor seals chilling on it. They were so cute.
We circled around a few times so the kids could really get a good look at them.
The seals just sat there and looked at us.
I wonder if they found us as fascinating as we found them.

As we came into view of the Port of Tacoma and our launch site, something was wrong. The boat stopped. As it happened, the gas gauge was out of whack. It said there was 20 gallons left, but in fact the tank was empty. We sat in the boat for awhile.
This is the view of our final destination from where we got stranded. We finally got someone to stop and help us. They towed us back into the launch site right as it was dusking. It was perfect timing. I actually didn't mind being stranded. The whole boating trip was awesome. The weather was seriously perfect. We had a really good time.