Saturday, December 31, 2011

Nha Trang Day 4- The Water Park and the Beach

In the morning Sean took Terryn down to breakfast early and then to beach so I could sleep in with Jayce. Since I have to wake up with the baby multiple times a night, I thought this was a good deal. I later met them at the beach after Jayce and I had breakfast.
Before we had left mainland Nha Trang, we bought Terryn some beach toys. It turns out all Terryn really wanted to play with was the shovel. He had fun digging holes with Sean.
I took a quick walk around the beach and scoped out the view of the pagoda on the hill. You can see the white statue of Quan The Am, the Buddhist version of a Holy Mother figure. You see statues of her EVERYWHERE.

After we got everything situated, we decided to take a shot at going to the water park. When we got there, at first we were sorely disappointed. For every ride you had to be 1.3 meters (4' 3") tall. That definitely excluded Terryn.
The we found a few rides where the lifeguards would allow us to take Terryn. A lot of the slides were kinda slow. You'd get stuck on sections and would have to push your way down until you would start sliding again. Terryn liked going on the slides, even if he was scared at first. It was actually pretty scary having him go with you. I was always afraid when the slide dumped you into the ending pool that he'd end up way underwater. That never happened, but it still scared me every time.
Then Sean and I took our turns at going down some of the slides.
One of us would stay with the kids while the other went on the ride. We decided that it would definitely be better to go with more people so everyone could down the rides more often.
The multi-slide (the rainbow slide) was fun. Sean went first and he totally whacked himself in the head on the last bump. Then I went. We decided it would be fun to have races on this one if there were more people.
Then we tried the Tsunami slide. I went first and screamed like a little girl when I went over the initial down slope. It was so steep. It makes you feel like you're going to go right off the ride.
After the water park we went back to the hotel for lunch. We had naps and then went to the beach and played awhile. When you approached the beach, if you looked closely, you'd see these tiny little crabs scurry their way back into the water. I think at first Sean didn't believe me because the darn little things were so fast. But I saw a crab go the other way and bury itself in the sand. I pointed to it and Sean dug it out and plopped in on the sand. Then in a flash it scurried its way back into the waves. The tiny things were almost invisible because they were the same color as the sand.
We played at the beach until it got dark, which was like 6pm.
Then we wandered around the pool area for awhile. Terryn liked climbing on the rocks that lie between the kiddie pool and the bigger pool. He liked jumping between rocks too. Luckily Sean was right there in case he lost his balance.
Sean and Terryn had fun navigating the rocks for quite awhile. Then Mom decided it was time to go in for dinner.
After dinner we went back to the amusement park. Terryn had wanted to go on the elephant ride since he saw them the first day, but it was always closed. It was finally open and he went to go on it, but then he was too scared to actually ride it.
So then we went back on the carousel. This time Mommy and Jayce rode too.
At night the VinPearl sign is lit up, so I got a picture of it.
We went back to the indoor games again. We played a bunch of arcade games. Sean did this horse racing one and he looked ridiculous doing it. It made me laugh because he was so intense doing it. Hahahaha.
Terryn liked doing the jet ski game and the motorcycle game. He doesn't get the whole steering thing, but he still enjoyed himself. I went outside for a little while to feed Jayce and listened to the most random Christmas music on the planet that was playing all over the park. By the time we all got back to the hotel we were exhausted, but ready for one last day here.

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