Monday, June 20, 2011

Random gifts from Vietnam

So I had to do my Christmas shopping a little early... like try May. Living here in Vietnam though, I get the unique opportunity to go to the open market and just have a blast searching all the random items and see what sparks my interest. I get the chance to get some really different item for family and friends. I usually do ask though what people might like. Some of the gifts are the same as I gave other people last year.
 For Brent and Thyra I did the photo to painting idea again. I think it turned out really well. This way they have have a larger portrait of the two of them. I'm having my Dad make a custom frame for them since right now the painting is on a rolled up piece of canvas without any framing at all.
 Another gift I'm giving a few people are these laquerware place settings. I think they are beautiful. In the market they have ones with designs on them, but I'm more of a fan of the plain, solid color ones. They come in red, silver, gold and I found a lime greenish one that so screamed my Mom's name that I had to get it for her. It's a place setting for 8 that comes with a beautiful box, place mats, coasters and napkin rings. In the picture is featured items from both the red and silver set.
A fun item that my friend lead me on to were these awesome coconut shell bowls. The outside is smooth natural coconut shell and the inside is laquerware with egg shell. I think they are kinda fun. They are about 6" in diameter. We use one for our key bowl by the door.

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