Monday, June 20, 2011

Our Sake Tree

We have a sake tree in front of our house. It's quite a large tree that produces fruit in June and July and has some of the biggest leaves I've ever seen.
I'm constantly having to pick them up out of our yard.
 Here I am posing with a medium-sized leaf. They can get a lot bigger than this. What's interesting is that the Vietnamese people will dry these leaves and make a tea that's supposed to help high blood pressure.
 Right now there's a lot of fruit on our tree. Well... I guess technically it's not "our" tree. The security guard for our compound will harvest the fruit and give some to each house. Random people walking by will also help themselves to the spoils. 
 The size of the fruit is about the size of a Nerf football. Maybe just a little smaller. It also has a really sticky sap when you pick the fruit or a leaf. It's really liquidy and like glue. You definitely do not want to get any on you. It makes a little bit of a mess when you cut up the fruit too.

The other day my housekeeper was picking some of the fruit and she asked me if I wanted her to cook some up for me. I of course agreed. She made me some last year when Julie was visiting. Julie can vouch at the ultimate yumminess of the sake fruit. It's tastes kind of like a potato. It's a little sweeter and has a slightly different consistency, but when she fries it up in this special powder stuff... it is delicious.
We eat it kind of like french fries, but with chili sauce instead of ketchup. It's way good.

My housekeeper and the security guard were planning on giving me some to take back to America so I could give one to Julie. When she told me I laughed. I told her I would LOVE to take one back with me, but that customs would take it away. I had to explain how the US is very strict when it comes to stuff like agriculture and meat coming into the country. Oh well Julie. You can pretend that I brought one home for you.

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