Monday, June 20, 2011

Filip's Party

On Saturday we went to a birthday party for Filip. It was at a place called Noah's Club that has a bunch of places for kid's to play. It's kind of like a daycare center where the kid's can run around playing with whatever toys they want. Wioletta had tons of food there. It was nice to meet some new people and to socialize with people we already knew.
This picture is from when we first arrived. You can tell how ecstatic Terryn was to get a balloon.
And here's a picture of Wioletta looking all cute and me looking all preggers and sweaty.
Terryn had fun. He's kind of a loner though. He's usually off somewhere playing with toys by himself. 
He liked the buffet style food though. He kept going up to the table and helping himself to food and juice.
Sean's going to kill me for putting this picture up, but it makes me crack up. I think Sean is scratching his nose, but it kinda looks like he's picking his nose. I love Juan's expression... it looks like he's going, "Eww. Sean, what are you doing?"
Then the classic, candid I-caught-you-on-camera-eating picture.
When I know someone is taking a picture I always try to smile. I hate pictures of me eating or talking because I look ridiculous. At least in this pic you can see my big belly.

At the party they had this awesome balloon guy. He had a book of different things you could choose from. The balloons were quite amazing.
This cartoon character that I see everywhere here.
Pink Panther.
Andrea with her Hello Kitty and the Balloon Guy.
Terryn ended up getting a Winnie the Pooh. He thought that was pretty cool.
He took it outside and took it for a little ride.
Daddy helped a little.
Then it started to sprinkle so it was back inside.
Nathan ended up getting a super cute Tigger to match his shirt.
One of my favorite moments was when it was time to do the cake. Filip was turning one and he has an older brother Nathan that's the same age as Terryn. We all sang Happy Birthday and then Nathan blew out the candles. Hahahahaha. So then Tomek (the Dad) lit the candles again so Filip could blow them out. Nathan started singing Happy Birthday again. It was super cute.
Here's Nathan blowing out the candles.
The party pretty much tired Terryn out. He fell asleep in the car on the way home, which isn't usually a big deal, but he woke up when Sean tried to pull him out. Then he wouldn't go back to sleep. Oh well... he actually wasn't too whiny or horrible the rest of the night so that was good. I think Terryn really enjoyed the party.

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