Saturday, December 4, 2010

AmCham Christmas Ball

Last night we went to the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) Christmas Ball. The tickets were pretty pricey, but it was considered a business expense so DHL foot the bill. Gotta love that.Sean and I got all decked out and headed out to the InterContinental Hotel downtown.
This is the dress that I had made for me. It didn't turn out at ALL the way I thought it was going to. In fact, when I picked it up from the tailor's I was pretty upset. I thought it looked terrible. The more I looked at it, the more I realized it wasn't that bad. I put a different pin on it and that made a HUGE difference. The tailor had put this REALLY TACKY pin on it and so yesterday morning I scouted out a new one.

Once we arrived at the party, we realized how hungry we were. Dinner wouldn't be served for about another hour. Platters of hors d'oeuvres started showing up around us and that satisfied us until we got dinner. I really enjoyed looking at the different dresses the women wore. There were all sorts of gowns, dresses and au dais.
We sat at our table and I was a little surprised at the number of glasses everyone had in front of them. Most people were already getting a little tipsy since the alcohol was free flowing. Sean and I of course opted for the non-alcoholic raspberry soda water.
One of the guys that sat at our table had been partying since noon. He was, to say the least, a little intoxicated. He kept spilling wine all over his white blazer and trousers. I think his wife was a little embarrassed, but he was pretty funny. Maybe a little obnoxious at times, but it could have been a lot worse.
Dinner started with an appetizer of a salmon roll. It was AMAZING! So good. Then they served us a butternut soup. It was so good too. There were two vacant spots at our table and they kept bringing plates of food for the phantom guest. I decided to steal the phantom's soup because I liked it a lot. The main course left something to be desired. It really wasn't that good. The meat was overdone and the sides weren't very good, except for the asparagus. Both Sean and I would have been happier with a whole plate of just asparagus. I was glad I had the extra soup.... even though at the time Sean made fun of me for it. Dessert was good too. How can chocolate cake and ice cream be bad right?
During dessert AmCham sold raffle tickets for the prizes they would give out after dessert. Sean bought two tickets. It was benefiting the United Way, so you can't really feel bad about that. One of the grand prizes they were giving away was a two night hotel stay and golf package. As they were explaining the prise I whispered to Sean, "I really hope we don't win that one." Neither of us play golf. Guess what? We won. Hahahahahahahahahaha.
Overall it was a great night. It was nice for just Sean and I to have a night out. It's a pretty sweet bonus too that we get a free two night stay in Da Lat. We'll have to figure out when to use it.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Too Many Trips to the Doctor

Yesterday I decided I was going to take Terryn swimming. I'd been sick all week and he had been cooped up in the house too long. As I was getting ready I heard a scream and then Terryn was crying. He came over to me and I saw that he had a bleeding cut right above his right eye in his eyebrow. I gave him some cuddles and took a good look at the gash. Yep... we would have to go to the doctors. There went our plans for a fun day.

So we headed out to District 1 to the doctors. They cleaned out the cut and then they glued it together and put some bandages over it. He was pretty hysterical. I had to hold him down while someone held his head. I was a little irritated that they just glued it together. I thought he needed a stitch, but I'm not a doctor. I also was worried what would happen when he pulled the bandage off. The doctor told me to make sure he kept it on for 2 days. Yeah right. Terryn won't even keep a band-aid on his leg for an hour.

So Terryn was all cleaned up and so we went home. I let him watch a movie because he had been a little traumatized. Then I go over to him and realize he had already pulled the bandage off and the cut was bleeding all over. Arg!

I call the doctor's office again to ask what I should do. They say to come back and they'll fix it up again. I was so annoyed. I had to get another taxi and we headed back out to District 1. Again we go to doctor's office and they fix it up again. I ask if they can please do a stitch because I'm afraid he will pull the bandages off again and then I will be in the same position I am in now. The Doctor said he didn't want to put Terryn under anesthesia and that the cut was fairly superficial. Again, I was irritated that they didn't do a stitch. this time Terryn didn't cry at all.

After we were done there we headed downtown to do a couple errands. I had a Doctor's appointment at 4:00 at a different clinic and so I brought Terryn along. Right after my check-up was finished I look at Terryn and guess what? he had pulled the bandage off AGAIN! It was bleeding and the doctor gave me this horrified look and said I should get it stitched up. I couldn't decide if I wanted to start crying on the spot or scream. Luckily I did neither.

I made an appointment with this clinic for Terryn to actually get stitches. Terryn was pretty exhausted by this point and fell asleep. They applied some local anesthetic to his eye while he was sleeping and then we had to wait 40 minutes before it completely numbed the area. After that we headed into the surgery room. They cocoon wrapped him in a blanket and I held him down while another person held his head. The doctor gave him a single stitch in his eye and put some dressing on it. Terryn was crying pretty hard, but stopped after the stitching was done. Poor little guy.
It's now a day later and Terryn at least still has the stitch in. Here he is sporting the stitch.... and some chocolate pie on his face.
Hopefully everything will heal up nicely and won't get infected or anything. I will say that I am SO sick of going to the doctor's office though. We have to go back on Monday to make sure everything is healing okay.