Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat

We celebrated Halloween this year with our friends Chelsey and Travis at the BP Compound. They had their friends Dorothy and Tony over as well. Their compound had a bunch of different activities going on for Halloween. The highlight, of course, was that they have Trick or Treating! Yeah!

We all dressed up and walked over to where the main activities were. We were there for about 15 minutes and decided that is was majorly lame. Is was just as well. We were hungry and Chelsey made some awesome soup.
Here's the boys stopping for a rest on our walk back to the house.
And Brooklyn posing it up as we waited for the boys to come along.
Jayden and Terryn held hands for a bit while we ushered them to the side of the street to avoid cars.

After dinner we got preparations ready for handing out Halloween candy. The first of which was sugaring up our kids. Muahahahaha.
Terryn really loved the suckers.

It was decided that the men would take the kids Trick or Treating and the ladies would stay at the house and hand out the candy.
Terryn actually let us put on his hat and he was ready to go.
Tony put on his amazing "Iron Man" costume that took and extra pair of hands to put on. Here he is posing with Dorothy and little Sophia.
Brooklyn's ready to go get some candy now.
And Jayden was ready to go too.
The only snag was that Landyn was terrified of Tony's costume. He took a bit of convincing for him to go. He decided to stay behind with the ladies, but then he changed his mind a few minutes later. I walked him out to the guys and had to carry his up front with Sean and Terryn before he calmed down enough to stay with them.
Terryn, on the other hand, was completely mesmerized by Tony's outfit. Sean told me that he kept running over to him and pushing the button on the back. It lit up and made sounds and Terryn thought that was great.

Chelsey, Dorothy and I stayed behind and passed out candy. I finally was lazy and made the kids come up to us while we lounged in some chairs on Chelsey's patio. We had the scary sounds going on, I had Orangina (soda) in hand and enough Dum-Dums to last me the evening. We had a pretty relaxing hour to chat and hand out goodies. It was kinda nice not having the kiddos around for a little bit.
Then the crew returned all trick or treated out. Tony ended up having to ditch his Iron Man shoes. Everyone was pretty tired out.
Terryn kept eating tons of goodies. Pumpkin cookies, Halloween Peeps, suckers, etc. He was still pretty wired when it was time to go, but his energy was waining.
Dorothy was upstairs with Sophia for this picture, but it was the closest thing we got to a group photo.

Sean, Terryn and I actually road the motorbike here, so it was time to hop back on board and drive off in the rain. It wasn't raining too bad, but I felt completely Vietnamese riding home with the three of us on the bike, sharing a poncho.

Happy Halloween Everybody and Happy Birthday to my Two-Year-Old Terryn!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Terryn's 2nd Birthday Party

Today was Terryn's birthday party. I had been making preparations for the last two days. I decorated and got food ready yesterday so all I'd have to do today was decorate the cupcakes and do last minute food prep. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that I didn't have enough powdered sugar and so I had to wait for the grocery store to open and make a quick stop. That fact set me back about an hour or two.

For cupcakes this year, I decided to make eye balls and spiders.
I thought they turned out pretty cute! I was even able to finish everything basically on time too... even with the late start. Everyone kept saying how awesome the cupcakes looked. So I guess they were a hit! Yeah!
I made these goodie bags for the kids who came. They included a bunch of random stuff like ring pops, pirate patches, vampire teeth, spider rings, glow-in-the-dark bracelets, Chinese yo-yos, parachuting men and candy. Here's some of the crew sporting their stuff.
Terryn had a lot of fun playing with all the kids. He especially loved all the attention he received. Here's Brooklyn and Lara being cuddly with him. So cute.
I set up Terryn's Play Hut downstairs so everyone could play in it. Sean made a special trip to the market to try to find balls to put in it. Aaron and Jayden are in the hut playing with the spoils.
Landyn enjoyed playing in the hut as well.
I asked Andrea if her tongue was blue from the suckers. She told me, "No," but here she is sporting a blue tongue anyway. :)
There were two babies at the party. They were both so good. The first was Jackson. Here's Chelsey holding him.
And the other was Phillip with Wioletta. She is so photogenic.
Then here's my neighbor Evelyn and Krystal. I was so glad they both came!
Emilio sporting the birthday hat right before it was time for Terryn's birthday cake.... errr... cupcake.
Tomek and Phillip watching as he was getting his birthday cupcake.
Here I am with his cupcake...
I held his hands down until we finished singing "Happy Birthday." I was afraid he might burn himself or something. I wasn't sure what he'd do with the candles.
Now here I am trying to explain to him that he's supposed to blow out the candles. He blew one out and I helped him with the other.
Now that's one happy 2 year old!
Everyone enjoyed the cupcakes. You really can't go wrong with cream cheese filled chocolate cupcakes. Mmmmm...
Wioletta helping Nathan eat his cake.
Sean and Travis... two trouble-makers caught on camera.
Then it was time for Terryn to open his presents. He liked ripping open the packages.
He really loved his presents and saying "Thank you" to people by giving them hugs.
Lara liked helping Terryn open his presents too.

All in all... it was a really great party. We had a lot of people come, we had some really good food and I think all the kids and adults had a great time. I was really glad that we decided to have a party.
Afterwards, Terryn helped Mom and Dad with the clean-up by eating some of the left over food. He really likes dipping stuff.... so he was dipping celery and carrots in ranch dip. He may or may not have gotten a little carried away.

Terryn is such a spoiled little boy. He received lots of great presents, ate tons of candy and cupcakes and got to play basically all day long with friends. I think he had such an awesome birthday party. Tomorrow will be a great birthday for him too. We have a fun evening planned with friends and a night filled with Trick-or-Treating.

Happy Birthday Terryn! I can't believe you are TWO already. We love you so much!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Branch Halloween Party

So yesterday was our Branch Halloween Party. It started at 6:30, but I knew we'd be late. Sean's been having to stay in the office until 5:30 now and it usually takes him an hour to get home. I got all dressed up WAY ahead of time because I didn't know how long it would take me to get ready. And we would leave as soon as Sean got home.

I thought that was a good idea given that Terryn was still asleep and I bought fake eyelashes that I ALWAYS have problems applying. What was hilarious and also completely embarrassing was that I had finished getting ready and then my landlord rang the door bell. He wanted to move a plant. So here I come with fake eyelashes, hot pink hair and all punked-out answering the door. I'm sure that that I looked like a punk-rock hooker or something. Hahahaha... Oh well.

Once Sean got home we darted for the party and I painted fang marks on his neck with red nail polish. He then became my victim. Muahahahaha.
Here's us girls sporting our stuff.
Terryn is a gnome, but he refused to wear the beard that attaches. At least he wore the hat for awhile. That was an improvement from when I had him try it on.
I invited our housekeeper Hang to the party and she brought her son. Terryn kept wanting her to hold him. I think they had fun though.
I cracked up so hard when Thanh and Spencer showed up. Their costumes rock! Zeus and a Roman Warrior... awesome.
Then Nephi changed into his costume. I can't believe he didn't melt on the spot, but his costume was pretty impressive.
Yosef and Sean posing before Yosef took Sibylle out for her Birthday date.
Brian showing off his wicked face paint.
Aaron in his Matador outfit that they made. Can you believe that? It's awesome! Terryn was pooping out at this point. He was pretty tired.
Then Ezra in his mask.
Here I am putting Sean in his place. Hahahahaha.

The party was pretty fun. There were a ton of people there. I was surprised. It was great though. I think all the kids had fun playing the various games that were set up. There was even a haunted house thing on the top floor. Great jobs guys setting it up!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Asian Princesses

The last night in Utah was spent at Stacie's. Her Mom came over since she had spent the day with Amelia doing the birthday thing with her. It was really great seeing Sue. I hadn't seen her in forever.

Stacie made this AMAZING dinner that I want to recipe for and then the after dinner show consisted of her girls showing off the dresses I brought back for them. Stacie calls them the Asian Princesses. They look so cute in them and I think Stacie was hoping they would all wear them for Halloween. I was stoked that they all fit. It was kinda funny because she gave me their bust measurements and I just found the closest size at the store. She had giving me color preferences, but the store was EXTREMELY limited on the dresses. They basically had one of each size that would fit her girls and they all just happened to be the colors she wanted. Can you say... DESTINY?
They danced around and twirled and showed off their dresses.
Terryn got a little jealous of the attention they were getting and so of course he had to come pose with them too. Heh heh.

To Stacie and her family I want to shout out a huge THANK YOU for letting us stay. We had a great time. Thanks for waking up ridiculously early on Sunday to take us to the airport too. You rock!


My last day in Utah was a little crazy. I had to figure out how to drop off my grandma's car in Springville, my cousin's car seat in Lehi and then manage to get back to Stacie's house in Highland. Things actually worked out pretty well.

Stacie had an errand to run in Orem and so she could pick me up after it was over. I was going to meet Brandon & Co at Cabella's and then I could give them back their car seat that they let me borrow. They then agreed to drive me to Stacie's. It worked out great! Yeah!

I'd never been to Cabella's before and Brandon, Bridget and I agreed that we'd meet there before I moved to Stacie's. They told me that there's lots to see and it was free. I like free and I wanted to go out and do something with them before I left.
The first thing we saw were their huge fish tanks. I think they held trout, salmon and catfish. They were pretty impressive.
The fish kept the kids mesmerized for awhile. Terryn kept yelling, "Fish! Fish!"
It was a little difficult to get good pictures here because I didn't want to use my flash and so people had to hold really still. Most the pics are a little blurry... oh well.
All I can think of when I see this picture is "Three Little Monkeys." Hahahaha. The animal displays were pretty amazing. We walked around and saw most of the displays and Terryn enjoyed looking at the different animals.
There was even a part of the store where you could feed some fish. That was a definite highlight. The kids loved watching the fish gobble up the pellets.

Upstairs there was a mock shooting range. It was like the carnival shooting ranges you see that have different objects that come to life when you shoot at them. Brandon and Jorgen kept getting squirted by a snake that people kept shooting. It was pretty funny.

We also all chowed down some fries at the restaurant. It was unbelievable that it fed 6 people. They were pretty darn good. Terryn liked them a lot and he LOVED dipping them.

The last amusements was a room with a whole heck of a lot of deer and then the gun room. A guy who worked there gave us some suckers in the gun room. Terryn was stoked to have a Dum-Dum.
You can actually see Jorgen holding his sucker in the picture. I was glad I got to snap a family photo of them. I didn't get the chance when I was staying with them. I had a really great time getting to know Bridget, catching up with Brandon and watching Terryn play with Jorgen and Alexa. I'm so glad they let us stay with them.
Thanks again guys for everything!