Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Under the Table

So I finally got Terryn to do his "Under the Table" trick. It took some coaxing from Sean and the Baby Laptop to get him to do it, but you can get the basic idea. Most of the time he's a little more into it and will do it over and over again.

Terryn Being Naughty

So this morning while we were getting ready, Sean found Terryn sitting on top of our desk! We moved the chair out of our room so he couldn't reach stuff, but that kid.... he found a WAY!

Here he is being naughty. This is the same method he used to get on the desk itself. He's quite the climber. My favorite part of the video is that self-satisfied, I-know-I-just-did-something-I-wasn't-supposed-to-do look on his face.

A View of Himself

On my video camera I can flip the screen over so you could film yourself and see what you are filming. I was trying to capture Terryn doing something else, but he always takes such an interest in the camera that he stops whatever he's doing to come look at it. I started filming him, but I flipped the screen so he could see himself. He loved that! This is him being cute and maybe a little narcissistic.

Afterward, I played the video for Terryn and he kept copying himself on the video. SO FUNNY!

Terryn Being Terryn

We were trying to get Terryn blowing farts on Sean's stomach with his mouth. That's Terryn's new thing he does that he thinks is hilarious. This video is what we got instead... a sort of half-hearted attempt because mommy was filming.

Then I gave up and here's Terryn just being Terryn.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Friends Over for Dinner

So I decided to invite some friends over for dinner yesterday. In total we would have 12 people (including Terryn). Everybody came over after church and we hung out and had sandwiches. Sean tried to teach the Szvoboda boys how to play a Carcassone expansion game, but I don't think that went over too well. They had fun playing the regular version instead.

At some point, Ezra grabbed my camera and starting taking pictures. Almost all of them were of Terryn. Hahahaha.... and I thought I was bad about only taking pictures of Terryn. Guess I'm not the only one.
Here's Terryn and Lara posing for the camera. Terryn had a really fun time running around with all the boys and Lara.
Here he is taking a breather... the classic Terryn pose. Sniffing his blanket. Hahahaha.
Here's Terryn with his bud Amelio.
And now squishing Amos's face.
And giving Aaron kisses.

At some point, I was in the kitchen making dinner, but everyone started clapping. It was pretty funny to hear. Then I would hear this overjoyed laughing coming from Terryn.

Apparently Terryn would crawl in the space between our table (it's shaped kinda like a "U" with a sheet of glass on top) and then everyone would clap after he did it. Terryn thought that was great. Then he'd clap too. He kept doing it over and over again.
Here he is crawling under it.
Almost done!
Here he is doing it again.
And now everyone clapping.
Here's a collage of all the clapping Terryn pictures. Yea!

We had a really great day... complete with a tres leches cake! I was so happy to be able to use my new oven! It tasted great. I think all the food turned out pretty well. I'm just glad to be able to start cooking again.

When it was time to leave everyone was pretty pooped out. We'd had a long day of eating and playing. It was great! I hope to have people over again soon.... that is, once everyone comes back from holiday!
Here's Lara out cold on the couch. Too much fun playing? Good times.

Our Street

I've been telling people that I would show them the street we live on. I finally took some pictures on Saturday of Luong Dinh Cua (a.k.a. -Our Street). The little col de sac that our villa is on is pretty small. There's only about 10 villas in our little compound and that street is not very busy. Luong Dinh Cua, the street where our gated community is located, is pretty darn busy.

Here a picture of Terryn right in front of the gate. You can see our stroller in the picture too. We were about to catch a taxi.
This is looking to the right down the street. There are always tons of VinaSun Taxis along this road.
Here's a shot looking in the same direction without the taxi blocking the view. There's always motorbikes cruising the street. Many little shops line this entire street. You could probably find just about anything on the street... you'd just have to stumble upon the right store.
Here's looking to the left. The little restaurant that we eat at a lot "Pho Saigon" is located about where the man wearing a blue shirt is standing. There's a restaurant entrance within our gated compound though, so we usually get there that way.
You may notice in some of the pictures all the phone lines strung above the road. That's pretty typical Vietnam... usually there's a lot more though.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Terryn's Sunday Nap

After Church Terryn went down for a nap. When we went in to wake him up, we found him totally hanging off his bed. It was so funny.
I of course had to go snap some pictures.
How can he sleep like that?
We decided to let him sleep a little longer, but he managed to shift even more off the bed.
He's basically standing in this picture.
But then he started waking up. :) Terryn, you are so silly.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


So Sean has this brilliant idea of joining the Szvoboda family in doing one of their family triathlons. We spent the night at their house last night so we could be there early to start with the competition. They live in District 9 and it's a little far to get there from where we live.

As usual, Terryn woke us up at 6:00 and from there we began preparations for the race. The Svbodas marked out the course and Terryn and I played in the pool. Soon some of the boys joined us as their "warm up".
Here's Ezra doing some... errr... muscle strengthening exercizes. Terryn quite enjoyed them.
Then Amos and Amelio joined us in the pool. The kiddie pool was the perfect depth for Terryn. He had fun chasing after everyone, showing them how he could kick his feet and blowing bubbles.
Then it was time for the race.... Swimmers take your mark!
Notice the form of everyone's dive.
The order (closest to farthest) was Amos, Ezra, Sean, Jozsef, and Amelio. I love Sean's deep, sideways dive. (I love you Sean!) Sean was kinda nervous about the swim because he is not a swimmer. After every two laps he would say, "I'm so tired" or "This sucks". It probably didn't help that I kept saying, "I can do the swim part for you!" After awhile he toughened up and stopped complaining. I was proud of him that he didn't give up. He used up a TON of energy in the swim though because he was dead tired after it.
Everyone did a 500 meter swim, a 20K bike and a 5K run. Here's Amos in the lead.
Then here came trouble... all in a pack.
The bike consisted of 4 laps. In this pack Ezra is 2 laps ahead of Sean and Jozsef.
Terryn and I watched from the sidelines for awhile. I even tried to do a water hand-off to Ezra. That didn't end so well. Whoops.
Here's Amelio and Jozsef doing another bike lap. For awhile Sean was keeping up with Yozsef and then we didn't see him for a long time. He passed by us and we asked if everything was alright. He said his back tire was flat. I asked him if that was why he was so slow. He said, "No. It's because I'm exhausted!" Hahahaha.
After the race everyone went back into the pool to cool down. It was actually a pretty nice day. It was a lot cooler than normal, which was great. Terryn and I spent quite a bit of time in the pool. I had to keep putting sunscreen on us. Even doing so, we still got some sun. In these pictures of Sean and Terryn, Terryn is saying, "Buh-Byeeeee."
We had a really great day. When I asked Sean about the triathlon he said, "That pretty much ranks up there as one of my stupidest ideas ever." Hahahaha. Secretly though I think he's proud of himself for finishing it and I think he really did have fun.

Fifth Anniversary

So for our fifth anniversary, we did something... a little different. We went to a Fish Spa. I had done it the week before and enjoyed it. I thought I would have Sean try it out too for our anniversary. At a Fish Spa, you soak your feet in warm water that has cinnamon powder. Then you get your feet washed off and then you go into a room with two different pools of water. In these pools are fish. One pool has big fish and the other has tiny fish. You then stick your feet in one of the pools and the fish eat away the dead skin.
Here we are experiencing the exfoliating power of fish. :)
I was the first one to enter the pools. I had the fish all to myself until Sean came in. He was a little nervous about it.
Here he is tentatively sticking his feet in the water
The fish can tickle quite a bit. Here's Sean trying to suppress his ticklishness.
I kept calling him a baby because he kept taking his feet out of the pool.
Since I had already done this before, I was pretty relaxed. I already knew what to expect, but I was quite ticklish the first time we went. We were the only one in the Spa so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. They serve you this yummy ginger-lemon-honey tea. I think I had like four cups of it while we were there. You can see my tea cup next to me with the orchid on it.
After awhile Sean relaxed and was able to enjoy the experience.
The fish nibble away at your feet and the big fish kinda feel like a cat licking you. It's hard to describe how it feels.
Then we went to the pool with the smaller fish. They feel quite a bit different.
Sean thought the tickled to and didn't like it when they nibbled his legs so he barely stuck his feet in. You can see that they liked him anyway.

After the Spa we went next door to the German restaurant. It was pretty good. We had fondue, Jagerschnitzel, bratwurst and Cordon Bleu. It was pretty darn good. We had a pretty fun evening. It was our first evening with just the two of us here in Vietnam since we moved. The Szvobodas were nice enough to take Terryn. He had a blast.

We then ended up spending the night at their house so Sean could do a triathlon with their family the next morning. You will see the result of that in my next post.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Like Father, like Son

When I got up this morning, this is what I saw. Sean working on his laptop.... and Terryn playing music on his. So cute.
Terryn was pretty serious about hearing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" and "Baa Baa Black Sheep".
Sean was like, "Honey, here's a Kodak moment for you." I definitely had to agree.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Dishes

I've been wanting dishes since we got here, but I was trying to figure out the best place to get them. Sybille took me to the Minh Long store. It was amazing! They had so many different styles of porcelain dishes. They were so beautiful! They were relatively inexpensive too for how nice they are. They had this "outlet store" on the second floor where they had dishes that didn't quite meet the quality control. Most of them had defects you couldn't even see and they were considerably reduced.

I ended up getting the "Peony" style. It's so me. Boring, but beautiful... hahahaha. I seem to like white or near white dishes the best. These had a slightly scalloped edge that made them quite beautiful.
I ended up getting 12- round dinner plates, 6- square dinner plates, 12- bowls, 12- dessert plates, 12- sauce bowls, 6- rice bowls, 6- saucers, 6- larger sauce bowls. That's quite a bit of dishes... and it ended up being about $100.
I saw this style and knew that they were the ones I wanted. If I decide I want more of them I can always go back.
I thought the rice bowl and saucer really looked like a flower. So pretty. The Minh Long building itself was pretty impressive too. It was very beautiful inside. All the dishes, vases, tea sets, figurines were cool to look at. I can think of a few people from home who would LOVE this place.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Scheduled Power Outage

So we knew on Sunday that our power would go out from 6am to 7pm. Which meant we got to get ready for church with no lights... but it gets light early here so that was no big deal.

We have a generator in the garage so we thought... no problem right? Well first the generator wouldn't start, then when it finally did... it wasn't supplying power to the house. I didn't really care about the lights or AC.... I just wanted it to run the fridge. And guess what? Time was running out before we had to leave for church and it wouldn't work. So we left.

Of course our taxi was like 20 minutes late too. Grrrr....

Well the Svboboda family invited us over for lunch, so after church we went over there, but not before we rescued all our ice cream bars. We had a great time at their house.

When we finally got home at about 7pm we could tell that the power was on in the neighborhood, but we couldn't get ours to come back on. We finally had to call our landlord. He came by and got it to work, but it was such a headache. I think my dad would call it a learning experience. :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Play date

Today Terryn had his first play date in Vietnam. We went over to the An Phu compound so he could play with Chelsey's twin boys Landyn and Jayden. Terryn had a great time. At first all the kids were a little shy, but it didn't take long for them to become fast friends. In no time they were pulling out toys, chasing each other around and eating each other's snacks.
Here Terryn and Jayden are sharing a seat and having a snack.
Here they all are watching a little bit of dinosaur train and having apples.
There were so many toys compared to the few were brought with us that Terryn didn't quite know what to do.
Then we all got ready to go for a swim. Terryn went on the swing for a bit while we waited for everyone to get ready.
Terryn had a great time playing in the pool. I was in there too making sure that when Terryn slipped, I could pick him back up. He went under a few times, but it didn't really phase him much. I don't know whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.
After the pool, everyone was pretty much tired out. We headed back for the villa and I think all the boys ended up taking a nap. It was really awesome that Terryn could have some toddler time with kids near his own age.