Thursday, May 20, 2010

Silly with Goggles

We're still packing up stuff and that means... tons of random stuff all over the place! Yea! It also means that Terryn finds all this random stuff and wants to play with it. This morning he found both pairs of my swim goggles. He was walking and swinging them around. So I thought it'd be funny to have him try them on.
Daddy helped out too. He put the goggles on so I could take pictures.
Terryn thought it was pretty funny putting them on and taking them off.
He tried on both pairs.
He reminded me of those dorky 80s movies where they show some super nerdy kid going swimming in the summer.
I think Terryn looks a little special in this picture. Hehehehehe...
Then I guess play time was over. Terryn started taking the goggles off.
Really he was just getting ready to play with the next random thing he could find.... Vick's Vapor rub. Good times.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Birthday

Well as some of you may know today is my birthday. I am no longer in my twenties. :( So does that make me old now? In any case I have decided to celebrate my birthday on Friday instead of today.

Sean got sick last night and feels horrible (stomach bug). I figured it would be no fun to celebrate today if Sean is feeling crappy. Sean is basically asleep on our couch right now except that Terryn keeps annoying him with a book that plays a really high-pitched version of "The Ants Go Marching."

We officially leave on Wednesday the 26th. I think I'm still in denial. There are still so many things to get done before we leave.... things other than packing or moving furniture.

Something exciting though is we have heard of a number of people who want to come visit. I think people will love visiting us there. Julie is coming in a month and I think it will be quite the adventure for her. It'll be something she always remembers.

So I guess I better enjoy the cooler temperatures here while I can because I won't be cold for about 6 or 7 months. I will be sad leaving behind my friends and family... the Sound and the mountains... especially the volcanoes. We'll miss you!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dash Point Beach

Jackie had the great idea to take a trip down to the beach. It was a beautiful sunny day and we got to the beach around 10:30. It was basically empty when we got there. At first it was just Jackie & I and our kids. Alison went over to the creek and started playing with her bucket and shovel.
Ella was having a hard time getting used to the sand and so she stuck to the dirt and grass at first. Terryn, of course, just followed Ella around.
Here they are staring at the creek. I was trying to keep a close eye on them, especially since I was worried that Terryn might try to take a plunge. He was good though.
Then they just ran over the little bridge and looked down at the creek from there. After awhile, both Ella and Terryn ventured out onto the sand.
Terryn had on some water shoes. When he finally got them wet he looked over to me and started whining. I could almost hear him saying, "Awwww.... Mom, now my feet are cold!"
But he still enjoyed throwing rocks into the creek that ran into the Ocean.
Then the three of them ventured out further toward the Sound. The tide was WAY out there so it was quite the trek.
On the way they found this nasty tire that washed up on the beach. Leave it to kids to find stuff like that and then play in it.
Ella even crawled into the middle.
Alison wanted to go out to the waves and so she followed me and Terryn out there. I think she had a blast running through the creek.
She kept finding all sorts of shells, crabs and sand-dollars.
Eventually we all went out toward the water.
There was lots to see since the tide was as far out as it could go.
Even Nia and Lani showed up.
Lani, Alison and Ella went wading in the water to find shells.
Alison even found a live little crab. It kinda freaked her out, but we told her it wouldn't hurt her and I think she calmed down.
Terryn was too scared to go wading in the water. He just stood and watched everybody else. He looks so funny in this picture. You can tell he wants to go in, but he's too chicken.
Alison, Lani and Ella loved being in the water. It was pretty warm compared to the water from the creek.
Eventually it was time to head back. Jackie found out that the birds had ransacked our food. They even managed to get the fruit snacks out of my bag.
Here is a super-hot picture of me with my hair going all over the place and with my sunglasses on. Mary, Issac and Alex showed up just before I left.
Issac was pretty intent on shoveling sand around on the beach. He really didn't want to pose for this picture.
Alex was being pretty shy, but I managed to snap this pic of him before I had to leave.
All the kids had a great time. I was so glad that Jackie suggested this to me this morning. Both Terryn and I needed an outing. Terryn needed something to burn off some of the energy he's been saving the last couple of days. He played so hard that he fell asleep almost immediately on the way home. :) What a great morning and a fantastic way to start off the day.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Swinging and Hanging out

On Mother's Day Terryn and I hung out with Sean's mom and sisters. Brent made dinner and we all played outside with Terryn. They had this swing set outside and he just LOVED to swing.
We even tried taking him off a couple times to see if he wanted to do something else, but then he'd start whining and try to climb back on again.
One time he fell off, he didn't fall very far or hard, but we thought it scared him a little bit. We assumed after that he'd be done with the swing.
Ummmm.... yeah... that was not the case. He still wanted to swing some more.
Today I caught him climbing onto the shelf in the kitchen. He's so weird. He climbs under the chairs too and then he gets stuck like he's in a little cage.
Terryn thought he was being hilarious and kept roaring and laughing at me while he was doing this. What a spaz, but he is pretty darn funny... and cute.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Anniversary, Mother's Day and My Corollas

Six years ago on May 9th and also on Mother's Day, an event happened that forever changed my life, shaped who I became and affected the decisions I have made ever since.

I was still in college and had just finished with finals and was moving home for the summer until school started again in the fall. It was just me, my stuff and Wrigley (my goldfish) hitting the road for the four and a half hour drive to Federal Way. Little did I know what evil plans the town of Othello held in store for me.

As I entered the town, there is a section of road that has a left turning lane. This is where people driving on the normal two lane high way can pull into the turning lane to turn into Othello in either direction. Other people can continue going straight without stopping while the others, who wish to turn, must yield to traffic. During this rather unremarkable late afternoon, I was going straight towards home on the highway. There were no cars behind me for quite a ways and I couldn't see the next car ahead of me. There was a car facing me in the left turn lane, yielding to traffic. There seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary.

That is when it happened. The split-second moment that feels like an eternity. Everything slows down and you understand perfectly that there is nothing you can do, but hope that somehow you survive. The woman who was yielding to traffic suddenly lurched forward into my lane. I knew she was going to hit me and there was nothing I could do about it. The speed limit on this road was 60 mph so I was going pretty fast. Ahead of me and to the right was a sloped embankment. If I were to swerve I would roll my car. I hit the brakes as I gasped for air and then everything went black.

I remember sitting in my car after the collision, but I don't remember the impact of our cars hitting. I don't remember my car spinning out of control or the glass of the windows shattering around me. I didn't remember the squealing of the brakes or the screeching of crunching metal.

I do remember seeing that my CD player had jammed itself down into the dash and I remember it was still playing the Ocean Avenue album by Yellowcard. Strangely, that album became my soundtrack for the rest of that summer.

I had a mantra I kept repeating over and over,"I'm okay", as if I could make myself believe it was true. I wasn't really bleeding that I could tell. One of my toes was bleeding slightly. I had on flip-flops so I could see them. I felt okay... I thought, but then again I couldn't really feel anything. Then that's when I looked at my right hand. My wrist looked like a "Z". And then I freaked out.

I also remember a man coming to my window and asking if there was anyone he could call. I said, "My parents," as I handed him my cell phone and speed-dialed the number. Then I felt sick to my stomach. I reclined my chair, leaned back and faintly heard the voices of people saying, "How are we going to get her out there? The door is smashed." Then everything went black again as I passed out. In the end, I healed and am physically fine now. It was a really rough summer of being completely crippled, emotionally scarred, lonely and humbled, but I learned a lot about myself. Those lessons that I learned, I think, affected many decisions I made later on including who I married.

I still have a hard time running since I shattered my right knee cap and broke my left tibia. The nerve damage from the surgeries in my legs also messes with my coordination. But let's face the facts... I never really liked running anyway.

The strange thing is that my mother had a very vivid dream a month before this happened. In her dream she woke up to the phone ringing. When she picked up the phone she heard sirens and a voice saying, "Your daughter's been in an accident." I remember her telling me to be extra careful when I was driving to a wedding in Boise four weeks before. It was literally her nightmare come true when there was a phone call announcing that I'd been in a car crash.

Ironically even was that it also happened to be Mother's Day. What a great Mother's Day gift huh? Yeah... I didn't think so either.

Anyway, so today was like the passing of the last effects of the accident for me. Why do you ask? Well, I sold my corolla today. It was the car my parents bought with the insurance money to replace my wrecked car.

I had always had a sort of love/hate relationship with it. It was nothing personal with the car. It put up with me just fine. I never really had any mechanical problems with it or anything, but it was just another reminder to me of that accident. Something I was stuck with, that I didn't get to choose for myself.... and now it's gone.

So to you, my white 1997 Toyota Corolla, I say farewell. May you treat your new owners with kindness and safety. Adieu.

The Beach with Grandma & Grandpa

Today we went down to Brown's Point. It was such a beautiful day. It was just Terryn and I and then my mom & dad. Sean is still on the East Coast on a business trip. We had a nice little picnic lunch... consisting of Quiznos. Mmmmmm... Then my dad took Terryn on a little walk. Here they are walking toward the beach.
Terryn loves walking with his grandpa. They're best buds.
After a little bit my mom and I joined them on the beach. Terryn loves to throw rocks in the water. Apparently one time he was throwing rocks down in front of him and when he bent down to pick some up, a big wave came up and he ended up dipping the front of his head in the water. I think it freaked him out a little bit.
We also found a cool, big piece of driftwood that had a whole bunch of clam shells on it. You can see one of the shells in his hands. Terryn loved throwing those too. What's up with boys throwing everything?
Terryn really loved being able to enjoy the sunshine. We loved watching him point out all the boats on the water, planes in the sky or dogs on the beach.
I made my mom and dad pose for this picture. Terryn was being kind of wiggly at this point.
Then it was time to go. Terryn ran up the hill into the meadow with the little daisies. He didn't want to leave.
Then he kept climbing back and forth over this fence. Over all he had a blast. I really enjoyed being able to get out of the house. I'd been packing or dealing with a sick kid for the last 2 weeks so it was nice to have a day off.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Seriously, I've never found it harder to sleep in my entire life! You cannot tell me that it takes over a week and a half to re-adjust to the time difference from Vietnam to here. It's crazy!

I guess the fact that I know I'm going back in 3 weeks doesn't help matters. I've been kinda ADD tonight also. I keep trying to pack while I have all this nightly energy, but I keep getting distracted. Maybe I should try the Sean method... start reading something and then be out like a light in 3 minutes or less. Hahahaha... except I know that wouldn't work for me. Darn it.

Well now I'm actually going to start packing again, after I finish my load of laundry.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Baby Raccoons, Packing and a Sick Tummy

I feel like I haven't written for awhile (last week) so here's the latest and greatest McCarter news.

Our neighborhood apparently has been having problems with raccoons. Our neighbors are getting a new roof because they had a raccoon living in their attic. The roofers found four babies in there too. We got to see the babies after they took them out. They were pretty cute actually, even though they were hissing and doing that creepy clicking sound that raccoons make. One of the roofers kept saying, "I'm gonna have a BBQ tomorrow," and then he'd laugh.

Well, moving plans keep going forward. We've already put some of our stuff in storage and our house is slowly getting that empty look. It's kinda sad, but I'm not letting anyone dwell on that fact that we're leaving yet. I don't want to be sad now. I still have to get a lot done and it's easier to do if I'm not all bummed out. I'm thinking that I should throw a party our last week here so we can have one last hurrah before we're gone for awhile.

Last night I woke up to a strange sound. There was this pathetic whimpering sound coming from Terryn's room at around 3:45 am. I opened the door and the smell hit me first. Ewww... I knew Terryn had gotten sick. Poor boy. He's never been sick to his stomach before so I guess he's due, but I feel so bad for him. I cleaned him up and cleaned up the room. I washed all the blankets and what not. Then Sean and I held him for awhile and tried to get him to drink some water. The good news is that he finally went back to sleep... the bad news is that I haven't been able to. :( I'm hoping he'll feel much better when he wakes up again.

Sean is off for his East Coast Trip today. He'll be gone for 2 weeks. It pretty much sucks. Not only because Terryn and I will miss him, but also because that means I get to continue packing all by myself. It's a lot of work for 1 person to pack an entire house. Hopefully I'll be able to get some people to watch Terryn so I can get it done though.