Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spaghetti Cake and Birthday Parties

Our ward has an "Italian" themed potluck on Friday. I decided that I didn't want to make pasta, so I made a cake instead. I thought it would be funny to have the cake look like pasta though. Hahahahaha. Here's the spaghetti and meatball look alike. The noodles are just piped out frosting, the meatballs are ferrero rochers and the sauce is strawberry preserves (Sugar-free). It actually tasted pretty good too, which I guess was sort of a bad thing since I basically finished off all the left-overs. Saturday Terryn got invited to two different birthday parties. The twins one was first and Terryn had fun going around to everybody's plates and mooching food off them.
The twins were pretty cute eating their cake. Carter chowed down quite a bit of it. They both seemed to like it a lot.
They seemed pretty excited to throw around the tissue paper from all the bags too.
Their parents had to help them quite a bit to open their presents.
Ella had a birthday party too. I was feeling pretty crappy and so I didn't go. I was pretty bummed out. I really wanted to see the Sponge Bob cake that Jackie made and watch Terryn jump on the trampoline with Ella. Sean took Terryn to the party. Sean said that Terryn had a pretty good time.
So to all the Birthday kiddos: Happy Birthday!

Hanging out with friends

This last weekend we were able to visit with some of our friends who moved to Gig Harbor. It was pretty fun to see their little babies that are now walking and crawling super-fast. Terryn had a fun time stealing their pacifiers, eating the food off their trays, drinking out of of their sippy cups and taking their toys. I guess he's a bit of a bully. Ty & Gracie didn't seem to mind too much though. It was really good to see Steph and Kevin. Monday I got to hang out all day basically at Michelle's place. Adam and Lisa were visiting from Texas and Kim even showed up for a little bit. All of our kids wreaked havoc on their apartment, but Kara was loving it.
Kara, Josh and Terryn playin' it up.
Little Lucy was such an angel. She didn't cry hardly at all and she was just chillaxin the whole time. She feel asleep multiple times in the middle of screaming children and Terryn who couldn't seem to leave the side of the playpen alone. All in all it was a pretty fun time, with just one incident to report. Poor little Kara hit her head on the edge of the coffee table and had to had two stitches.
I tried to take some family pictures for Adam and Lisa, but Josh had other plans. This was the best one... which ironically was one of the first ones I took. I love the fact that Josh has his hand on Adam's head.
Terryn has this weird fetish with trying on everybody's shoes.
Here he is testing out Adam's sneakers.
Kim came by later and Link got to join in the party. Here's the little cutie after snackin on some chili.
Here's proof that Kim was actually there. :)
The day was pretty fun and it makes me realize how much I will miss everyone when we move.

The Temple

Last Saturday Sean Sister got sealed in the temple. The sealing was pretty cool. I really loved some of the things the sealer said. He had this great voice too, the kind of voice that should be on the radio. The things he said were simple, but powerful. Very cool.
I volunteered to take some photos for Brent and Thyra after the sealing. I thought it would be nice for them to have some semi-professional pictures to remember the experience. It would also provide me with another opportunity to hone my photography skills. Here's a picture of most of the people who came to the sealing.
The McCarter Clan.
Terryn, the cutest little toddler at the temple. (Say that three times fast) Booyah... look at his little tie and vest.

Brent & Thyra, now sealed for time and all eternity.

The Walk, the ER and Oatmeal Face

Auntie Anna came over and showed Terryn how to look dapper. It might be just me, but I think he has a few years yet before he can look dapper like that on his own. Then Anna, Terryn and I (Anika) went on a walk. We were going to walk down to the playground where there are slides and swings, but we never made it that far.
We were walking on the BPA trail and I went to lift Terryn up on my shoulders and he started crying a lot. I thought I heard a pop in his arm and he was acting like his arm hurt. We decided to go home. He was still acting funny and not moving his arm. I decided to take him to the ER. It turned out he had nursemaid's elbow. It's where the elbow pops out of place. In the ER before the doctor came in to look at him, his elbow popped back into place and he was acting like nothing ever happened.

Later when I was talking with Terryn's grandma Tina, she said the same thing happened to Sean all the time when he was little. Like father, like son I suppose.

Lately I've been trying to let Terryn feed himself with utensils. Most of the time he does a good job. Sometimes; however, he looks like Oatmeal Face!
Mmmmm.... but it tastes good.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Uncle Alex & Aunt Sheena

So Alex and Sheena finally came to visit. We were so excited to have them here! At first Terryn was kinda shy around them, but it didn't take long for Terryn to follow Alex everywhere he went. They became best buds. We went for a walk on the BPA trail and Terryn was content to sit on Alex's shoulders.
Here we all are walking. Yes... my brother is kind of a nerd. Hahahaha. That's why we love him!
Grandpa and Terryn looking at airplanes.
At the end of the trail was this little park with a big toy. We let Terryn walk around on it and go down the slides. He loved looking down at everyone through the "bubble". I think he looks like a monkey.
Terryn loved the slide. You can see Alex smiling in the background as grandpa poses to catch Terryn at the bottom.
Whee! That was fun!
Then it was time for the really big swing. After that we headed back because it was really windy and pretty cold. My Mom was freezing.
While Alex and Sheena were here, we didn't do a whole lot. We mostly visited. Saturday we went and got family photos taken. I'm glad we did it even though it seemed like they took forever. My Dad was getting impatient and went walking around the store. I had to have him paged because we forgot to get a shot of him and my mom. :) I think the photos turned out pretty well.
Most of the time we spend at our house. Probably because it is more Terryn-proofed. We did manage to hang out at Mom and Dad's though.
Alex, Grandpa, Terryn and I went for a little walk around the yard. Yes... airplanes again.
Terryn liked to focus on all the unusual stuff. Rock hanging from some wire, wheels, pieces of bark... He only fell down a couple of times. Thank goodness Uncle Alex and Grandpa were there to help him down the stairs.
Overall we had an awesome visit with Alex and Sheena... unfortunately however... their trip ended on kind of a bad note. Alex caught the stomach flu the night before they were supposed to leave. They delayed their flight a day, but Alex spend all of Monday throwing up and in the bathroom. It was awful. They were able to get some meds to help him feel better so he could fly the next day though. Sheena also caught the bug a few days later. I felt so bad.
I'm really glad they came out here. We've missed them so much. I hope they know how much we love them! I dropped them off at the airport and as I was leaving I started to get a little weepy. I guess I was thinking that it's going to be a really long time before I see them again. Next time I see them I will be a resident of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Free Fro-Yo

You know if it's free... we're there. A new frozen yogurt place opened up in F-dub so we went with some of our friends. They were giving out T-shirts and free 10 oz of frozen yogurt yumminess. We had fun. Alison posin' it up.
Sean and Ella splashing in the puddles.

Ella was so funny. She loved pushing Terryn around in the stroller.
Here's Miss Mischief herself for an extreme close-up.