Saturday, February 20, 2010


Terryn loves his blanket. Here's proof.


I guess we need to work on knowing where our eyes are.


It was such a beautiful day on Thursday that I had to take Terryn somewhere where we could enjoy the sunshine. Terryn loved to watch the waves. It was pretty windy too so the waves were pretty awesome. Terryn loved to play the chase game around the rock.
Shadows of Terryn.
I'll miss this boardwalk when we move.
It was cold and so I tried to put the hood over Terryn's head. Here he is beginning to take it off.
So pretty. Sigh....

Favorite Pastime

Terryn's favorite thing the world is to watch cars drive by. He's always saying, "Car! Car! Car!" I think "Car" was his first real word besides Mom and Dada. He loves to go behind our couches with the blinds pulled up and watch the cars drive by. I decided I should go outside and capture a few moments of Terryn bliss.

Family Visit

Terryn loves when his Grandma reads him stories. He'll grab a book and run to her and sit on her lap. Such a happy little guy.
Grandpa and Terryn hanging out.
Paula kisses!
Great-grandma, Great-Aunts Linda, Donna, Paula and grandma and grandpa.