Monday, July 26, 2010

Mui Ne - Phan Thiet City Tour

While we were in Mui Ne, we took three different tours. The first one was the Phan Thiet City Tour. We were picked up at our resort by an air-conditioned car.
Here's Sean and Terryn checking out the sights on the way to Phan Thiet.
And now with Mommy and her crazy hair.
Our first stop was Duc Thanh School where Uncle Ho (Ho Chi Minh) taught for a time. They had these amazing pomelo trees in the courtyard. I had to pose with one.
Terryn wanted to get his picture taken too... so I indulged him. He's just too cute.
I wanted to get a picture of the inscription at the school. Read it. Very interesting.
Across the street from the school is the Ho Chi Minh museum. It has everything Ho Chi Minh you could ever want to know. Apparently he changed his name a bunch of times for each new city he lived in or something. It has a lot of pictures of him mostly, but also things like a replica of his childhood home, pics of his family and art.

After the Ho Chi Minh museum we went to the Phan Thiet Market. It was just like Ben Thanh Market and I didn't think I would buy anything, but I got two shirts. Who knew? Then we visited a Buddhist pagoda (Quan Thanh) close by the Market.
It had a lot of dragons in it. Terryn really liked this dragon. I think it was because it had eyes that kept blinking on and off.
The funny thing was that this pagoda wasn't on the tour itinerary. Since we were going on another tour the next day that was supposed to see Cham tower, we went to the pagoda instead of Cham tower on this tour. The funny part was that a guy came up to us and started talking to us like her knew us. It turned out that he was the guy that drove us to Cu Chi tunnels. How crazy is that? You can actually see him in this picture. He's the one in the white baseball cap.
Next stop was Thuy Tu temple where there is a huge whale skeleton. This temple appeals to the fisherman. Phan Thiet and the surrounding area is a big-time fishing area. Every year they have a huge Fishing Festival.
Inside the pagoda are hundreds of other whale skeletons.
On the temple grounds were a group of people making this fishing net. I guess they believe that the spirit of the whale will bless their net.
Terryn wanted to touch this dragon mosaic. I think he must have a thing for dragons. After this tour we had lunch and hung out before our next tour to the Sand Dunes.

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