Monday, July 26, 2010

Mui Ne- Bamboo Village

The last four days of Julie's visit was spent in Mui Ne. We stayed three nights at Bamboo Village, a four star resort, located right off the beach. To get there we hopped on a bus. It took about 6 hours. It would have been 5 hours, but the A/C went out about half way through the trip and we kept stopping to get it fixed. We ended up riding for about 3 or 4 hours in the heat without A/C. At least we had front row seats and got the air from the open door. We were SO glad to get off the bus.

When we arrived at the resort, I was immediately impressed. I had requested an extra bed and a baby cot and when we walked in our room everything was there as I had requested. Yes! We stayed in a modest room, the cheapest one we could get, but it was clean and big enough for all four of us. The resort itself was beautiful. It had many bungalows with grass roofs that spotted the property and lots and lots of tropical trees and flowers. There were also many ponds and streams with water lilies and fish. It gave you a feeling of peace and relaxation.
Here's Sean and Terryn posin' it up at the reception area.
This was our first time dealing with mosquito netting too.
We had three beds in the room and the crib so we had to be a little creative to get everyone underneath the netting.
Even though Terryn had a crib, he was in love with Julie's bed. He'd go right under the covers. It was pretty hilarious.
The beach area was beautiful. It looked like it was right off of a post card. Too bad it was cloudy or over cast the entire time we were there. It only really rained on Sunday, but we wished we would have had the sun for playing in the waves. I guess the upside is that we didn't get sunburned. I did see a few resort guests that had gotten pretty baked from the days before we arrived.
Can you spot Sean and Terryn in this picture?
Here's Terryn and Daddy chillin' on our patio.
Another view of the resort.
We ate at a bunch of different restaurants while we were Mui Ne too. This one was the most interesting. It was called the Forest or Rung. It was Rain Forest themed and it had live music and a dance show. It was pretty cool. They even made us bracelets with our names on them as a parting gift. That was unexpected, but awesome. Sean's favorite restaurant was an Indian place that had amazing food. Pretty much everywhere we went had great food. At one place Sean ordered frog curry and I ordered crocodile curry. We made Julie try it. It was good.
We did spend a lot of time in the pool... between tours and meals.
I bought Terryn a little car floaty in Mui Ne. It has a built-in basket that helps hold him up. He LOVED it! Good buy! I wish I had remembered my video camera because it was really funny watching him kick his legs and navigate around.
He would play chase with Mommy, Daddy and Julie.
Here's a pool night shot of the posse.
We did get to spend a decent amount of time at the beach on Monday, the day we left. Julie wasn't sure about getting in the water, but we talked her into it.
Terryn liked bobbing in the waves with dad. Mommy tried not to get too freaked out about the possibility of Terryn drowning. Julie and I got tumbled by the waves a few times. I even got a nice rash on my legs from getting tossed into the sand and shells.
Julie said afterward that the beach and the waves was her favorite part of her whole Vietnam trip.
We even had some sand time. Julie and Sean built a sand dam/water trough. Terryn helped by putting sand back in the ditch they were creating. I built a mermaid.
Their sand dam saved my mermaid from certain death a few times. I was at least able to finish her and get pictures taken before she went out to sea.
Sean and Terryn posing one last time on the patio.
The sun finally came out after we had left the beach, showered and gotten dressed. There's irony for you. I decided I should get a few pictures of the beach and resort while the sun was out.
We really had a great time in Mui Ne. We will definitely do it again, but next time we will stay longer! Just a side note, the bus ride back was air-conditioned the whole time. Yeah! Although getting off the bus and to our house is a story for another time.
I think Julie had a really great time in Mui Ne and on her whole trip to visit us in Vietnam. We will miss her and were glad she could come!

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