Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Minh Long

Sean was still in Cambodia today, but he flew home late tonight. Today was kinda of a long day for all of us. I forced Julie to go to Minh Long with me in the Binh Duong District. It is REALLY far away. There was tons of traffic and so it took over an hour to get there. Minh Long is a place where they make porcelain products, like vases, dishes and these crazy figurines. I think their dishes are really beautiful (it's where I bought the dishes I have currently). The best part is that they have this outlet store on the second floor where things are like half price. Booyah! The building itself is pretty interesting as well.As you enter the building there is a huge fountain covered in porcelain Khoi fish. The fountain goes up four stories and the fish swim up the huge wall. Suspended from the ceiling are a bunch of flamingos. Here's Julie striking a pose with the flamingo posse.
The dishes, vases and figurines and quite the spectacle. So many different designs and color. Some sets are so fancy I feel like I'm going to break them just by looking at them. Out side the building they have detailed scenes in bronze all over their boundary fence. It's fantastic! And of course... don't forget the tea set fountain.
We got a group shot in front of the fountain. Oh yea!

Today was kind of a long day. After Minh Long we had to go back to District 1 to get Julie's passport. Since the Consulate of Vietnam screwed up her visa, we had to get it renewed for three extra days. THAT was a fiasco. It took FOREVER and people were being extremely rude to us. I was just thankful when it was over and we got out of there with her passport and extended visa.

After that it was over to get me a new phone because I lost mine. I know... I'm retarded. That took awhile too because all the phones here are from like 1995. They are brand new... never been used, but WAY outdated. I finally found a phone that was similar to my old one and got it. Then about 30 minutes later Sean called me from Cambodia and told me that the taxi service found my phone. WHAT?!! Well... at least we have a back up phone now.

We waited at a mall close to the airport for Sean to land. It's coincidentally where I purchased my phone. I let Terryn run around a couple of the indoor play areas since he'd been cooped up in the stroller and car seat all day. He needed to burn off some energy. Both KFC and Jollibees had play areas.
Nothing says Vietnam like KFC! Here's Julie posing by their playground.

Well we finally picked up Sean and it was good to have him back. I know Terryn missed him a lot. Okay... maybe I missed him too and now he can tell us stories of Cambodia.

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