Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Emma's Party

Terryn got invited to his first party here. We met a nice lady at the Fourth of July Celebration and her daughter was turning two. She invited us to come to her party. At the party Terryn was shy initially. He kept coming over to Mommy for assurance. After awhile though, he loosened up and had a blast.
Here he is kissing a dolly.
And now he's eating chocolate, which he managed to get all over his face. Terryn ate almost the entire time we were there.
Then he found this balloon and he loves swinging it all over the place.
There were a lot of kids at the party and Terryn liked to watch other kids play.
Then he gave Emma a big hug.
I put a party hat on him and he didn't really like that. He pretty much pulled it off instantly. You can't really see it in this picture, but there were a lot of other kids pulling off their hats too.
And then of course the highlight of the party was when the hostess handed out noise makers. Terryn loved his so much that he made noise with it all the way home in the taxi. I'm sure the driver was glad when we got out because I'm sure that was pretty annoying. At least Terryn was happy about it.

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