Sunday, June 27, 2010

Friends Over for Dinner

So I decided to invite some friends over for dinner yesterday. In total we would have 12 people (including Terryn). Everybody came over after church and we hung out and had sandwiches. Sean tried to teach the Szvoboda boys how to play a Carcassone expansion game, but I don't think that went over too well. They had fun playing the regular version instead.

At some point, Ezra grabbed my camera and starting taking pictures. Almost all of them were of Terryn. Hahahaha.... and I thought I was bad about only taking pictures of Terryn. Guess I'm not the only one.
Here's Terryn and Lara posing for the camera. Terryn had a really fun time running around with all the boys and Lara.
Here he is taking a breather... the classic Terryn pose. Sniffing his blanket. Hahahaha.
Here's Terryn with his bud Amelio.
And now squishing Amos's face.
And giving Aaron kisses.

At some point, I was in the kitchen making dinner, but everyone started clapping. It was pretty funny to hear. Then I would hear this overjoyed laughing coming from Terryn.

Apparently Terryn would crawl in the space between our table (it's shaped kinda like a "U" with a sheet of glass on top) and then everyone would clap after he did it. Terryn thought that was great. Then he'd clap too. He kept doing it over and over again.
Here he is crawling under it.
Almost done!
Here he is doing it again.
And now everyone clapping.
Here's a collage of all the clapping Terryn pictures. Yea!

We had a really great day... complete with a tres leches cake! I was so happy to be able to use my new oven! It tasted great. I think all the food turned out pretty well. I'm just glad to be able to start cooking again.

When it was time to leave everyone was pretty pooped out. We'd had a long day of eating and playing. It was great! I hope to have people over again soon.... that is, once everyone comes back from holiday!
Here's Lara out cold on the couch. Too much fun playing? Good times.

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