Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Big boy table

I think in my last post I eluded to the fact that Terryn has his very own table and chair. We didn't bring his feeding chair with us and the first week we were here we had him sit at the table with us. That didn't really work so well. He fell out of the chair a couple of times and landed face first on the tile. :( I decided we were going to have to find a different option for meal times.
I found this cute little table at a stall right by the An Phu supermarket. I thought, "Perfect!" I bought a little step stool to go with it until I could find a more suitable chair. Terryn loved the table, but had a hard time with the stool. He would either miss it with his butt and end up plopping on the floor or he'd tip out of it.
Yesterday I found the perfect chair. Terryn can actually sit down to eat now with very minimal casualties! He's funny though... he'll pull out his chair, sit down in it and then pull the table towards him way too far so he's leaning backwards to eat. Ha!
Here he is demonstrating what I just mentioned.
I asked Terryn to show me where the frog was on his chair. As you see, he knows where it is. :)

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