Monday, November 2, 2009

First Birthday and Trick or Treating

So once again I made some crazy cupcakes. I made these cute owls and pumpkins for Terryn's big day. Terryn even got his own special cupcake.
Here he is with Daddy opening his presents.
Here he is enjoying his presents. Wow! Look at it go!
Terryn's favorite part of his birthday party, I think, was when we all started singing, "Happy Birthday." He got this silly little grin on his face and he was looking out at everyone, thinking, "This is cool, what's going on?"
Here he is enjoying is cake. He was such a neat little eater... for the most part. First he picked off all the fruit loops that I used to decorate the cake and then he ate some of the frosting. Then he just ate the cake until he decided he was full. At that point, he threw the cake on the floor. Then I think he smeared frosting in his hair.
We took Terryn trick or treating at only a few people's houses. We tried to get him to help us pass out some candy, but he wouldn't let go of the candy. Sometimes he'd throw it, but mostly he hold out his hand like he was giving it away, but he wouldn't let go.

Here's a random pic. After his party and after everyone left, he found something interesting in one of our cabinets. This cabinet used to hold our cereal boxes, but somebody kept getting into it and tossing cereal everywhere. Now it's empty.... well I guess in this picture... it's full of Terryn.