Friday, April 17, 2015

Newsies Dancing

My boys are hilarious. They love to sing and dance. Apparently Jayce's dancing attire is composed of a shirt, a hat, sunglasses and his underwear. Hahaha. Ashton watches his brothers and copies them. It's pretty cute.
This last video CRACKS ME UP. Watch Ashton. He's so funny. 
He got so excited he fell right off his chair, but he didn't get hurt. He fell over and then just got right back up. I love my boys.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Legoland Discovery Center

During Spring Break we decided to try to go do something fun. In Yonkers, NY there is a Legoland Discovery Center and since our kids LOVE Legos, we thought they'd have fun.
 The tickets are a bit weird there. You either have to purchase tickets online and select a day and time you want to go, or show up and hope they are not sold out. We checked out the family membership options too. If you buy a membership then you can show up whenever you want and as long as you go at least three times in a year, then it's paid for itself. We decided to do the membership. It was a good thing too because that means we didn't have to wait in the huge line that was there when we showed up.
 We got there and got our passes and then walked into the center. The first room had some cute large-sized Lego figures and it explained a little bit how Legos are manufactured.
 There were even souvenir blocks you could take home.
 Ashton had fun watching his brothers check stuff out.
Terryn got to find out how many Lego blocks tall he is, though Sean thinks its not really accurate. Hahahahaha. You could find out how many blocks you weigh too.
 The next room was a cool game you could play. You sit in a big car that seats five people and it moves around a track. You then have to shoot the bad guys or objects and save the day. It was actually pretty fun and it kept score. I had Ashton sitting next to me and he was terrified. He kept trying to climb into my lap.
 After that was a big model room. It had a bunch of models of New York architecture. The room cycled between day and night lighting whcih made it even cooler.
 The boys thought it was pretty cool.
 There were trains that circled around and boats that motored around the river.
 The Statue of Liberty even had a "firework" at nighttime.
 There was one section where you could control a crane.
 Jayce had fun doing that for awhile.
 Terryn liked watching the train the best, I think.
 Ultimately, Terryn's favorite activity was the car building section.
 There were bins of all different sorts of Legos and you could build whatever sort of car you wanted.
 Then there was a track where kids could race against each other to see which car was the fastest.
 There were also other steeper ramps you could use to just race your car over and over.
 Jayce really enjoyed this part.
There was a ride too where you had to pedal to lift your car up in the air. Jayce rode with Daddy and Terryn rode with Mommy.
 They thought it was pretty fun, but the line was too long for it so it we only did it once.
There was another section where you could build tall towers and then replicate an earthquake to see how strong your tower was.
The biggest attraction in terms of size was a huge jungle gym structure. Terryn played in there for a long time. He loved it. You could hear the kids playing some sort of role-playing chase game. It was funny.
Then there was a section for little kids that had a small slide and really big foam Legos. We built a "house" that Jayce played in for a bit before some other kids kinda squished him out. It was hilarious watching about 4 kids cram into the little structure when really there room for maybe 2 kids. Hahahaha. Overall we had a great time. It was pretty crowded and we hope it won't be so crowded the next time we go, but our kids love Legos so much that they had a blast.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Day

The Easter Bunny sure did leave quite the stash for the boys.
Terryn was pretty cute the night before. He wrote a note to the Easter Bunny.
Terryn got a cool science experiment book and all the boys got new orange pants, cute plaid shirts and a bow tie.
Jayce got an animals book and all the boys also got a cute little planter to plant a seed.
There were also bubbles and candy.
Terryn was the first one awake and was really excited to see all the goodies.
I made special pancakes for the occasion.
Ashton had fun playing.
Jayce was excited to look at his stuff too.
After breakfast the boys put on their new clothes.
They looked so cute!
Sean probably thinks I'm mental, but I love dressing the boys up all cute.
Terryn really likes wearing colorful pants so I think he loved his new outfit.
Ashton looked so dapper.
Jayce had fun using his bubbles. I think it was his favorite thing that he got.
Around lunch time our friends the Baldwins showed up. We had a really yummy lunch of chicken enchiladas that Katie made from her New Mexican chilies.
Then Jeff and Sean hid eggs downstairs and the kids had an egg hunt. It was hilarious. Some of the eggs were kinda hard to find. I had a lot of fun watching the kids run around and find them. I had to help Jayce out because he had trouble at first.
Once the weather got a little better, we went outside and did confetti eggs. It's something that the Baldwins do every year. They are eggs that have been hollowed out and then filled with confetti.
The kids went around cracking the eggs on everyone's heads.
Except Jayce seemed to prefer to crack the eggs on his own head. Hahahaha.
Here's Megan cracking one on Jayce.
They had a lot of fun. It was a really great Easter. We had great food, great company and the kids had a blast.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Egg Hunt

Our village does an Easter egg hunt every year. This is our second time doing it. We learned our lesson this year and arrived early because they started the egg hunt right on time. Last year we almost missed it.
We went to go say hi to the Easter Bunny, but Jayce was not excited about that.
He was scared to go up to him.
I love the above picture. Jayce is giving hima dirty look and the Easter Bunny looks like he's doing a face palm. Hahaha.
I think Jayce did eventually get his chocolate candy from the Easter Bunny, but he wouldn't do it by himself.
Ashton just kept running around following either Jayce or Terryn.
The egg hunt is separated by age group so Terryn went over to the K-1 section.
He was pretty anxious to have it start.
Ashton and Jayce went looking for eggs in their section. I think Ashton got one egg. There were too many kids so it was hard to gather any eggs.
Jayce had fun though.
The turf for Terryn's egg hunt was a lot bigger. They hide a couple of golden eggs in each section and the kid who finds it gets a special prize.
The kids spend most of their time looking for the golden egg.
Terryn found quite a few eggs, but he was a little bummed out that he didn't find a special egg.
Ashton had a blast running around after the egg hunt was winding down.
Here's Terryn showing off bounty.
Terryn at least wasn't scared of the Easter Bunny.
We had a lot of fun at the egg hunt.